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Security Tips for New Homeowners

16 Mar 2021

One of the most exciting experiences in life is purchasing a new home. Most people wait years to make their dream of owning a home a reality. With all of the options on the modern real estate market, you will have to work with professionals to find your forever home. Doing things like getting pre-approved for a home loan can help you establish a firm budget for this purchase.

Security Tips for New Homeowners

Security Tips for New Homeowners in Ontario

Once you find a home and move in, you need to consider how to secure your residential investment. Luckily, there are many ways you can make a home an impenetrable fortress. The key to increasing your home’s security is working with knowledgeable professionals.

Here are some great tips you can use to properly secure your new home.

Toronto Exterior Doors Replacement

Replace Old Exterior Doors 
The first step in increasing security is giving your property a thorough inspection. Checking the condition of your exterior doors is very important. These doors are the first place a burglar will go when trying to gain entrance to your home. If any of your exterior doors are old or damaged, it will be easy for a thief to breach them. While new doors can be expensive, they are well worth the money due to the increased security they can provide.

Choosing and installing these new doors is a job best left to the professionals. Researching the companies that offer door installation Toronto services is important before deciding who to hire. Try and determine the company’s reputation and experience before hiring them by searching online and reading reviews.

Replace Door Locks 
American consumers buy more than five million pre-existing homes every year. Buying a pre-existing home is sometimes cheaper than having a home built from the ground up. However, pre-existing homes will have more security vulnerabilities than a custom-built residence. One of the main vulnerabilities you need to address when moving into a pre-existing home is the locks on the exterior doors. You have no way of knowing how many copies of your door keys are out there.

Rather than putting yourself and your family at risk, you need to replace the locks on your exterior doors shortly after moving into your new residence. By installing new locks, you can rest assured that no one else has a copy of your key. The best way to get new locks installed quickly and correctly is by hiring a reputable locksmith. These professionals have the time and tools needed to get this job done the right way.

Light Up Your Home’s Exterior
More than 32% of the home burglaries perpetrated each year happen at night. Criminals love using the dark of night to hide when breaking into homes. Knowing that, you can prevent them from coming to your home by lighting up the area around your home. Deterrents such as landscape lights and motion lights work well. Investing in exterior illumination will not only help you add appeal to your home’s exterior, it will also help you keep thieves at bay.

Exterior lights also have the added bonus of illuminating the pathways around your home to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Since these exterior lights need a direct source of electricity to operate properly, hiring an electrician to install them is crucial.

Security Tips for New Homeowners

Protect Your New Home With the Help of Security Cameras
Utilizing the power of modern security technology is essential when trying to protect your home and the people in it. Security camera systems allow you to see what is going on, even when you are away. Choose a system that has remote viewing capabilities to access a video feed from your cameras from anywhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection. These systems are a fantastic option for homeowners who travel frequently or work away from home.

Don’t Procrastinate When It Comes To Securing Your Home
Don’t wait to protect your home and your loved ones. Taking care of any vulnerabilities will deter thieves and give you peace of mind. Enlisting the help of professionals can make this process easier and far less stressful.

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