Global Casinos take architecture to next level

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Global Casinos That Have Taken Architecture to the Next Level

22 Oct 2019

Global Casinos Architecture

Online casinos are proliferating, but players have not stopped visiting land casinos. Each type of casino has its own advantages and disadvantages. Between land casinos and online casinos the differences are quite stark. Online casinos cannot match the glitz and glamour of their land counterparts. The architecture of the land casino buildings contributes significantly to the overall ambience. One look at The Strip in Las Vegas will tell you that each casino exterior is more outrageous than the next.

Global Casinos take architecture to next level

Some of the recent casino projects have taken the architectural design to the next level. This article picks out few of them.

Land Casinos in the USA

Circa Resort & Casino

The latest addition to Sin City is scheduled to open its doors in December 2020. The Circa Resort & Casino will not be on or about The Strip. The new land casino will be located in Downtown Vegas, towering over Fremont Street, where gambling first began in the city.

The objective of the designers is to capture the timeless spirit of the city by:

  • Honouring the pioneers of the past
  • Defining a vision in the present
  • Making a mark on the future

This spirit of a casino is best felt at night. The artist’s impression of the Circa Resort can be said to resemble the screen of a giant but sleek smartphone. This is the part of the building that will house the 777 rooms in the 44-story hotel. The casino and recreation area is expected to sprawl over an entire block that was razed to the ground.

The owners Derek and Greg Stevens revealed some of the striking features of the Circa earlier this year.

  • A 9-story parking space named Garage Mahal (Palace) has been built with ride sharing vehicles in mind
  • Vegas Vickie, the neon lit mascot of Fremont Street, will appear in the lobby of the resort
  • Giant screens will complement the biggest sportsbook in Vegas

Land Casinos in Macau

The Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa, created by Hong Kong architects Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man, stands out in the Macau casino scape. The 47-story building is the tallest in Macau, but it is not a solid block rising from the ground. The architects wanted the design to be expressive, daring and reflect Macau’s ocean and explorer heritage.

The beauty of the design is that it denotes different concepts to different people.

  • Some see it as a tree spreading its branches
  • Others see it as the former Portuguese colony’s reputation for opulence
  • Yet others see a fluidity in the design resembling the waves in the ocean

The hotel contains 430 hotel rooms and suites. The casino offers 800 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines. You can wine and dine at three Michelin rated restaurants. One of the biggest attractions of The Grand Lisboa is the Star of Stanley Ho, which is a 218.08 carats diamond. It is the largest cushion shaped internally flawless D-colour diamond in the world.

Land Casinos in Europe

Holland Casino Venlo

Venlo lies on the border of The Netherlands with Germany. This casino is one of the latest units of the Holland Casino conglomerate, having been completed in 2019. The first statement that the architecture makes is that a building does not have to be tall and imposing in order to be noticed.

Holland Casino Venlo has been designed by MVSA Architects. This landmark design uses imaginative architecture to unite state-of-the-art sustainability and optimal user experience in one seamless concept. From a distance you can notice its colour-changing interactive façade which provides a breath taking light show and emphasises the casino’s flower-shaped structure. This concept also ties in with the flower growing tradition of Holland.

The idea of the flower has been integrated with the internal design of Holland Casino Venlo as well. From the centre of the atrium, a stem-like structure of laminated wooden strips rises up to form the corolla. An invitingly designed bar revolves around the stem and extends over the different levels of the building. The bar also acts as a staircase and is the highlight of the interior. The bar has a private seating area on the gaming-floor level and also on an open area above.

Land Casinos in Russia

Imperial Casino

Imperial Casino will be the fourth gambling establishment to come up in the Primorye zone in Vladivostok. Diamond Fortune, which is the driving organisation behind the project, estimates that the casino will be completed by late 2020.

The casino is on the coast and surrounded by beautiful nature. In the past big casino projects were designed to stand out amid the surroundings. The Imperial, however, has been designed to blend in. The white sleek and fluid lines on the base evoke the concept of the surf. The casino will be located within this.

The hotel buildings will rise above as skewed structures giving an impression of moored cruise liners. The three other casino projects in the Primorye region have more traditional Oriental architecture. Diamond Fortune CEO, Alexander Mishkitblit, puts it perfectly when he says that Imperial Casino will be like a modern European city in Asia,

The hotel is expected to have at least 360 rooms. It will also have a spa centre and a night club. The casino will have 50 gaming tables and 300 slot machines. These will be distributed across a mass gaming room, a premium mass gaming room, and a VIP room. The restaurants will serve Russian, Chinese and Italian cuisines.

What About Britain?

There do not seem to be any major new casino projects in Britain. In any event, the British culture has been traditionally conservative and this is reflected in their casino architecture as well.

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