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Garden Design Ideas for Your Next Project

20 May 2021

Regardless of whether you are undertaking a home improvement or a major landscaping project, finding inspiration is not always easy, especially if you have a big space to fill.

With a little planning, good plant choice, and a space designed with a purpose in mind, you’ll soon have your garden project looking amazing.

Garden design ideas for your next project

In this post, new ideas are suggested which you can incorporate into your projects.

Plan Your Space

It is a good idea to sketch out how you want your outdoor space to be. You’ll probably find as you’re sketching that new ideas will come to you, so expect to erase, redraw etc. Many split their space depending on size and use. If you’re working on your own project, you may need space for your children and a place to eat.

A plan helps you focus and gives you something to work on.

Garden Furniture

Whether you are using folding garden chairs or a permanent outdoor bench, you’ll no doubt be investing in garden furniture. The trick is to get ones that fit with the overall design and offer both comfort and longevity.

It is a good idea to get all of your furniture from the same supplier, so you have uniformity.


Plants are integral to your garden design, and here you can use a free song of ideas. Many professional gardeners tend to use borders, sticking to five or six different plants arranged in repeated patterns to induce harmony.

As well as the uniform plants, many use evergreen shrubs for bigger areas. Here, the shrub will be followed by five or six plants, then a shrub, then five or six plants etc. Have fun.

Combine Plants with Other Areas of the Garden

When you’re planning out your planting, you may want to use different plants to define the garden. For example, you may want to use narrow, low planted beds to define seated or dining areas. Use containers if it keeps things simple.

Also, you may want to provide plenty of places for children to explore. Again, this can be done at least in part by using plants.

Your Lawn

Lawns are normally the biggest space in your garden, so it is the first thing people notice. As such, an excellent strong lawn will make the biggest visual impact no matter how colourful the rest of the garden may be.

If you want to be imaginative, you may want to consider an oval or diamond-shaped lawn rather than the standard rectangular shape. A more shaped lawn lends itself to natural landscaping and more interesting designs.

A good lawn will be neatly trimmed, green, and vibrant.


Trees look amazing and positioned correctly can provide shady areas and provide the basis for hanging chairs and hammocks. The clever gardener often uses trees if the garden is positioned near a busy road to purify the air, trees breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen, or hide an unsightly part of the garden.

With good planning, your garden will come alive, and you’ll soon be the envy of all your friends.

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