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For those with a clean driving record – advantages

1 Mar 2021

Advantages For Those With A Clean Driving Record

Advantages For Those With A Clean Driving Record Guide

You’ve probably heard it your whole life, that being a safe driver is a good idea. You may not realize it, you may disagree, but the fact is that it is entirely true. Being a safe driver is not only a good idea to keep you safe, but to keep others safe as well. There’s no honor in being some hotshot that thinks they’re in a racing movie, you’re only going to get people into dangerous situations, yourself included, and develop bad driving habits.

Beyond that, there are long-term implications to being a bad driver, so it’s just not worth it. Being a safe, smart, and responsible driver can result in some significant advantages, however. When you are willing to put aside the ego when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you can help prove that you belong on the road.

Here are 5 advantages to having a safe driving record.

1. Cheaper Insurance Rates

The first benefit comes from your wallet. Spending money on a good insurance coverage plan is a given if you’re a driver, so you need to be sure you’re picking the right one that isn’t going to cost you a lot of money. Luckily, for drivers with a clean record, the ability to compare insurance quotes becomes a much easier process when you can prove you’re a responsible driver. Being safe gives insurance companies much less to worry about, and having the driving history to back it up only helps your argument. This is one of the most important benefits of being a safe driver.

2. Better Options for Renting and Financing Vehicles

Just like a credit score, when you are a good driver, you’ll have a lot more options available to you. Again, a clean driving record is like a badge of honor and statement of trust for someone, so if you ever plan on renting vehicles or you are looking at financing or buying a new car, they’ll take it into great consideration. Knowing that you are responsible behind the wheel gives them confidence that you are someone they want to do business with and makes your life easier in this regard.

3. More Leniency

For Those With A Clean Driving Record
Now, it’s not advised to use your driving record as some form of weaseling out of punishment, but judges and law enforcement will also take it into consideration if you ever get yourself into a sticky situation. Maybe it’s driving over the speed limit or a minor traffic infraction, but whatever it is, it might be easier to get out of if they know that you are a first-time offender and that this is an aberration of your record, not an indictment of your habits. Getting a little more leniency is something you should avoid by not breaking the rules of the road, but it does come in handy to have a clean driving record to get out of possible tickets or fines from understanding judges.

4. Better Employment Opportunities

If you’ve ever applied for a job that required you to be fully licensed and have a clean driving record, you can understand how the latter would be very beneficial at a time like that. Applying for jobs where you will be driving, like a courier, labor, or anything where you will be using a company vehicle, with a bad driving record can limit your chances of getting the job. You could end up getting it, but it’s one less thing you’ll need to stress over if you know your record is spotless, which reflects well on you and the employer will certainly take it into consideration.

5. Accident Forgiveness

In similar terms to more leniency with the law, an insurance company may also offer accident forgiveness for first-time accidents or unusual blemishes on an otherwise clean driving record. Small incidents are usually nothing too serious, and most people are involved in some kind of fender bender or accident at some point, but you still don’t want to have to pay your deductible or hurt your premium by getting involved in an accident. Keeping a spotless record could be advantageous by way of accident forgiveness for your insurance policy.

It’s always a good idea to be a safe driver for the consideration of everyone on the road and pedestrians as well, but what you might not know is that being a safe driver is about more than just protecting others. These 5 advantages to a clean driving record show you how important it is to maintain your responsible habits on the road.

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