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Easy and Efficient Ways To Ship Oversized Package

20 Sep 2020

Easy and efficient ways to ship oversized package

The market offers merchants numerous transportation options to choose from. However, shipping large items can be expensive and challenging at times for online merchants and shippers.

If your shipment includes items like machinery, appliances, or large-sized goods, then chances are your shipment will not fit into standard parcel shipping thus, you need to use inventory of trailers from Southern Trailer Depot. To solve this problem, we have shared cheap ways to ship oversized items.

Easy and Efficient Ways To Ship Large Packages

  • Pack your items properly.

This is an important step in shipping heavy and large items appropriately. Always use sturdy packaging to keep the items protected. When you hire a pet shipper in UK, always check about the safety of your pet.

  • Take measurements

The dimension of the parcel also plays a major role in deciding the shipping charges for oversized items. Knowing the width, length, and height of the package will give accurate shipping rates.

  • Weight of the package

You now know how shipping charges are calculated based on the weight of the package. Shipments are mostly weighed in pounds. The heavier the item, the more will be the charges.

  • Book and pay

Before shipping the parcel from your nearby shipping services, make sure to view all your options. Once you have decided most of the shipments that offer the cheapest services, simply book and pay for the shipping.

  • Print shipping labels

After paying for the shipment, print your shipping labels. You will also have to print the customs document for the package.

  • Label the package

When your package is ready to be sent off, secure a printed shipping label along with custom documents on the outermost packaging. Use a good quality adhesive tape to secure the label.

  • Send the package

In the final stage of shipping your large items, you will have to drop the package to the courier service or ask them to pick it from you.

How much does shipping large items cost?

There are no fixed shipping fees for all the shipments. Many factors affect the final cost like weight, destinations, dimension, type of carrier, and transit times, etc.

Let’s take a look at the main factors that have an impact on the shipping fees.


Dense shipments are usually cheaper to send. The denser the package load will be, the less prone to damage it will be during transit. Fragile or loose items are expensive to send compared to heavy items.


Weight is the main contributor to shipping costs. You need to provide accurate information before booking the shipment, or else errors can result in additional charges.


The dimension of the shipment determines the space that will be taken up by your package in the trailer. Shipping and carrier services pay attention to the shape and stackability of the load. The easy stackability of the package means lower prices.


Mileage also has a major role to play in determining the final cost of sending a shipment. The longer the route will be, the more you will have to pay. You may also come across a term-limited access shipping, meaning a location that is hard to reach or unload for the carrier. You can check the terms and policies of the shipping service company online.

Easy and efficient ways to ship oversized package – Final Words

sending off a large shipment to another state or country can be pretty expensive. Choosing the right way of shipping your parcel at low prices can be difficult.

Through the above-mentioned shipping methods, you can send a large package safely to the desired destination. Aside from that, going for a courier service that utilizes route management software is an absolute plus, especially if you want to be ensured that your parcel is safe and well accounted for.

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