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Designing A Small Office Space at Home

23 Feb 2021

Designing a small office space at home

With more people than ever now working from home, having some space to use as an office is more important than ever. Ideally, you might have a spare room or garage that could be converted to the office of your dreams, but this is not the reality for most people who end up fighting their kids for space at the kitchen table.

If moving home to accommodate your office needs is not an option, then it might be time to get creative and design yourself a small office space that works for you and allows you to concentrate effectively when working from home.  Here are a few ideas you could consider when setting up your own office.

Zone Office

If setting up a whole room office is not an option, how about setting up a zone office instead.  You could section off a corner of your living room, dining room, or bedroom to use as office space without having to take over a whole room.  Select office furniture from Dino Fino that will blend in with the existing colour scheme and décor of the room so that the office becomes part of the room rather than something that stands out against it. This will make it easier on the eye when you are using the room for other purposes and you will feel able to walk away from the workplace once the day is done.

A glass table will work very well in a zone office as the surface is transparent, so you won’t really notice it when you are not working.  A bureau can be a good idea too as it looks wonderful in the corner of a living or dining room and you can shut your computer and paperwork away when you are not using them. This creates a great storage solution too.

Loft Bed

A loft bed is a bed that has space underneath it for a desk or sitting area.  They are often found in children’s bedrooms or in a guest bedroom, and they are a great way to save space if the room is small. They are also a fantastic solution to your home office needs. Try sourcing a good full size loft bed.

Get a loft bed with a desk and a chest of drawers underneath for your guest bedroom.  You can use the desk as your work area and the chest of drawers as storage space for your paperwork and stationery.  You will still have a bed in this room for when guests stay over so it will serve a dual purpose and give you a lovely place to work and sleep.

Dead Space

Your home may have some dead space that you could convert into a small office at home.  If you have a big landing or hallway this can be an ideal space to put your desk, chair, and computer equipment.  An alcove under the stairs can work very well too. Finding a quiet space to work from may not be easy in a busy home but distractions can cost you a lot of time and energy so it is best to attempt to eliminate these as much as possible.  Pick an area of the house where there is not too much traffic and set up your home office here.

Cupboard Office

Your space does not need to be large.  As long as you can comfortably fit a desk and chair into it then you can convert it into an office.  A large cupboard can be utilised for this purpose.

A built-in or slimline desk will help you to save space.  Select a chair that you can slide under the desk easily or perhaps fold up once you have finished working for the day. Shelving above the desk can provide you with some storage space. You do not need to work with the door closed if this makes you uncomfortable and keeping the door open will give you some extra workspace too. However, a cupboard office will allow you to close the door and walk away once you are done, which will give you the break you need in your off-duty hours.

Designing a small home office space guide

Garden Office

A garden office can provide a lovely solution to your working needs, regardless of the size of your garden.  You will be away from the hustle and bustle of your house and have a lovely view over your garden while you are working. With plants in the surroundings and calming flowing water features from Luxe Water Walls, this tranquil environment can help you to get a lot of work done.

They come in all different shapes and sizes, so they will fit into your outside space well. You can have electricity connected to this office, so you can use your computer as well as having heating and lighting in the comfort of your own garden.

There are many different solutions to your home office needs, so don’t despair if space is in short supply at home.  These are some of the best ways to design a small office space and you will be able to create the perfect space for yourself that will provide well for your needs while working from home.

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