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Definitive Guide for Young Architects

10 Feb 2020

Definitive Guide for Young Architects: Importance of Mental Clarity

Being an architect and aspiring to be an architect by pouring all of your time, effort, and attention in architecture school can be extremely demanding for your mental health. Professional architects even consider their profession as brutal due to the amount of stress the work can bring to your mind and body.

Definitive Guide for Young Architects Tips

There are various ways professional architects can do to get themselves off of their work for a while to clear their minds off stress and exhaustion. Similar to any profession, every person has to refresh their brains by unwinding to make sure they’ll be able to think appropriately without drowning themselves too much.

Young architects should also keep in mind that aside from taking care of their mental health, creating mind-blowing architecture concepts can also boost others’ mental health. The reason being is that people will feel safer when they know that the architect in-charged of the designs are in top shape. Read on to know more about the definiteive guide as to why young architects should understand the importance of mental clarity.

Awareness of Time

Time is an essential factor that young architects should always consider whenever they’re working because time flies by extremely fast, especially when you’re busy. Sadly, young architects aren’t aware of how they fully manage their time and end up procrastinating. As a result, they don’t progress in their profession and end up getting stressed.

Another problem that young architects tend to face with work is the never-ending demands of the workload, especially in college. In college, young architects tend to chase time because they still have to put up with minor subjects and end up not having enough time to study.

Young architects also take on full-time or part-time work to save money, while others work to pay for their education, bills, supplies, transportation, boarding, and personal expenses. Despite all the work that young architects take on, you should always prioritize the profession you’re aiming to achieve and to utilize your time effectively.

Finding Clarity to Avoid Getting Stuck

The state of getting stuck with work is inevitable even for experienced architects. However, for young architects who have no experience with massive projects, not knowing how to handle the state of getting stuck with work can completely drain your brain. On a brighter note, getting stuck is hugely beneficial because without getting stuck, you won’t be able to grow as a professional architect. The best lesson you can get from being stuck is that you can use it as a motivation to move out of the box you’re stuck in.

On the other hand, there are five things that you can do and avoid to make sure you’re mentally and physically healthy. All of the five things play an essential role in making sure that you allot your time correctly and to maintain mental clarity. Here are the five critical things to keep in mind to make sure you stay in shape as a young architect.


Making sure your stomach is moving in and out is the best way to know that you’re breathing correctly. One common misconception that people do is taking short, fast breaths whenever they’re under a considerable amount of stress. However, taking short, quick breaths will only make you more anxious, even if you didn’t have a case of anxiety.

Young architects should always get a breath of fresh air to remove all the pressure in their minds and to relax their bodies. Since you cannot avoid stress and pressure, the best way to do is to give yourself space from work for a short while, and breathe.

Moreover, young architects with anxiety can also search for breathing graphics interchange format, otherwise known as Gifs, to help with their breathing. The use of breathing GIFs is that young architects can synchronize with them while taking calm, deep breaths.

Drinking a Lot of Water

Another most important thing that young architects should never forget is to keep themselves hydrated. Also, young architects tend to drink more coffee, energy drinks, and soft drinks to keep themselves hyper due to all the sugar these unhealthy drinks contain. But, drinking water is the healthiest and best option you can take to gain more energy.

Go Shopping

Buying clothes and accessories can help you get your mind off of work for a while, allowing you to allot a little bit of time for taking care of yourself. Strolling around malls and shops can also get your body and legs to keep moving, which stimulates your muscles to help you stay in shape.

You must buy clothes and accessories that help highlight who you are, which is a young architect. For instance, buying accessories such as skeleton watches automatic shows that you are an adventurous and creative architect who likes to design modern and futuristic concepts.

Moreover, your clothes can either be casual or semi-casual since it’s the accessories or timepiece you wear that highlights who you are.

Taking Vitamins

Taking vitamins helps to make sure that your body is receiving the right amount of nutrients and minerals to keep working. As a young architect, it is your task to make sure that you’re body is healthy because once your sick, you won’t be able to think clearly and creatively.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Vices are the number one enemy for people who prioritize their work and profession because it can significantly affect your mind and body. However, that isn’t always the case because several people drink to help them become more creative. Overdrinking, however, can cause you a hangover, which prevents you from working your best on the next day.


Stressing the importance of mental clarity for young architects can help them utilize their time efficiently to make sure that they get their work done with ease. Keep in mind that architecture concepts aren’t easy, and will take a significant amount of time for every architect to arrive at an answer they’re expecting.

Doing vital things such as taking deep breaths, drinking vitamins, going shopping, and drinking a lot of water can help reduce the amount of stress you gain from work daily. Avoiding alcohol and drugs is also important, but for those who want to get their creative minds working, you must never overdo it. Otherwise, you’ll face a lot of mental and physical health issues over time.

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Definitive Guide for Young Architects Tips
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