Contemporary garden ideas to modernise your home

Contemporary garden ideas to modernise your home, Property outdoors expansion, Online house design advice

Contemporary Garden Ideas To Modernise Your Home Garden

6 June 2023

Transforming your garden into an on-trend space can prove a challenge. It’s always a guessing game to see what trends are simply a flash in the pan, and which ones will have a sense of longevity. Choosing everything from a planting theme, furniture to even the shape of the garden is a hard enough task to consider without thinking about the current fashions! In this article, we will outline some of our favourite long lasting, contemporary ideas for you to upgrade your outdoor space. Let’s take a look…

Contemporary Garden Ideas To Modernise Your Garden

Adding Curves

Straight, parallel lawns whilst neat and tidy, are not particularly individualistic, and as a result, many homeowners are embracing more interesting shapes and curvature when growing their own gardens. Adding a sense of geometry beyond rectangular, square shapes is a very straightforward way to make a more considered, stylised space.

Linear lines can be seen as quite harsh and clinical, whilst soft curves can feel more relaxing. Curvilinear shapes are a great way to make your garden feel more like a natural space, and to make the most out of the plot of land available. They can help to soften the boundaries of the edge of your garden, and influence where you choose to add planting areas.

Contemporary garden ideas to modernise your home

Wild Gardens

As stated previously, gone are the days where having a neat, symmetrical lawn is seen as fashionable. As well as adding curvature, homeowners are starting to embrace a more natural, overgrown garden look. “Rewilding,” the process of creating wild gardens, is not only arguably more aesthetically interesting, but are also more environmentally conscious, creating a better ecosystem for birds and insects.

If you are not ready to permanently put your lawnmower in the shed, you can create an overgrown garden look using strategically placed planters on different tiers. It may sound counterproductive to design an overgrown garden, but planters can help blend the edges of your garden to make it feel less structured.


“Shabby chic” furniture has been a trendy addition to a garden space for several years now. An easy way to achieve this aesthetic is to paint old chairs and tables with white paint before artificially distressing them with sandpaper. Why not repurpose any of your unused furniture from your attic?

This practise seems to have grown, with many incorporating far more unusual furniture, like wardrobes and cabinets, reusing them as planters. This reclaimed, natural almost storybook feel helps your garden feel more secluded, private, and peaceful.

Sunset Colours

Like all trends, colours come in and out of fashion. Sunset colours, like red or oranges, or jewel colours, like purples, are currently very in vogue. These bright colours particularly contrast brilliantly against the green of the grass, helping your planting theme stand out.

Pairing neutral tones is a great way to create focal points in your garden space. These vibrant red, orange, and purple flowers will contrast perfectly with a neutral, flat tone. A simple way to achieve this is to incorporate neutral flooring in your garden design, such as pale patio slabs or antique composite decking.

Contemporary garden ideas to modernise your house

Hidden Spaces

Having a smaller garden space can be incredibly discouraging when planning out your dream outdoor retreat. However, there is a growing trend that rewards these smaller areas. You don’t need a huge garden to create a hidden shaded environment. Cordon off an enclosed private space just for you, either with a canopy of plants, lattice or fencing.

Finding a quiet place to escape to is a perfect way to achieve mindfulness and to relax. Adorning a corner of your garden with soft furnishing can create a perfect, simple space for you to read, listen to music or even nap away from the glare of the afternoon sun. For a low-maintenance solution that keeps your hidden space lush and green all year round, consider using front yard astro turf.

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