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Buying Granny Flat Designs

4 Jan 2021

Throughout the ages, there have been several types of residents and accommodation that people adopted. In modern times there have been, to no surprise, different kinds of houses or flats that have become a norm in the society. Granny flats are one of those.

Buying Granny Flat Designs apartment interior

What are Granny Flats?

Granny flats are small accommodation for grandparents or parents, as the name suggests. They are also known as ‘granny suites’, ‘in-law suite’ or ‘accessory apartment’. These small flats can house two people and may sometimes come with a built-in proper kitchen, much like a miniaturized house.

Normally, they contain a bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen unit, mainly consisting of mini fridge and microwave. Granny flats are built on a maximum of 60 square meters of land. Some granny flats come with a fully equipped monitoring system to check on the grandparents.

Some modern unit comes with fully equipped health care system that includes medicine dispenser and a high-tech toilet that checks the temperature and does urinalysis. There’s a new trend where you set a separate room for different games and video betting including playing games at best slots sites. Families can spend good times with their grandparents.

Location and Construction of a Granny Flat

Before buying a granny flat, its location and quality of construction should be taken into consideration. As it is mainly used to house older people, it is better that the flat is located in a serene environment thus, the farther it is from the city, the better.

Gardens are the most important aspect when talking about the surrounding of a granny flat since a nice green garden promotes peace and tranquility. More than that, every person has their own choices, so be sure to ask your elders about their preferences and requirements. Other than location, the quality of construction is also a significant factor in choosing a suitable flat for your parents.

Make sure there is no construction fault in the building by checking the build and consulting with a quality inspector for better understanding. Some people face problems after buying the property for a mere reason of not checking the quality of utilities provided hence, also check the quality of services that are provided and inspect the health quality since some flats might just not go well with the health of senior citizens.

Advantages of buying a Granny Flat

Other than adding more to the living space to the common household, they offer more than that. This gives the grandparents their privacy and time that they deserve in old age. Instead of depending on their children, they can look after themselves in their own cozy homes while also getting the benefit of social interaction with the family and neighborhood.

Other than using it for grandparents, a granny flat can also serve for rental purposes. Most people build or buy granny flats for the sole reason of lending it on rent. This is not only an investment opportunity but it also pays off on long-term basis. It further increases the value of property it stands upon.

Cost of a Granny Flat

The price of granny flats is the least of things to worry about since the main concern is the well-being of the people who are going to live in it. But when considering the price, then an average one bed and bathroom may cost around $100,000. Again, that depends on the quality and location of the flat but it may fluctuate around this figure.

Other figures say that the cost varies between $70,000 and $200,000. Due to the small features of a granny flat, it never reaches the astronomical prices of regular real estate. For the past 20 years, prices for real estate have skyrocketed, and that mean that granny flats are getting as popular as ever.

Buying Granny Flat Designs Summary

They might also be a sign of the times. Follow your news in architecture, and learn how people don’t necessarily want to invest in a house that is too big for a price they can’t afford. Because of environmental, political and economic issues now and for the future, a minimalistic lifestyle outside of regular consumerism is on the rise. Here, we will probably see how granny flats might become even more popular for years to come.

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