Businesses need to know about Prototype Design

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Startup Businesses Need To Know About Prototype Design

5 Dec 2022

Businesses need to know about Prototype Design

Many startup businesses begin with a product idea. The journey you’ll take to turn that idea into a viable profitable business is a long one, with multiple different steps. From market research to making your website, there are so many elements that it can be easy to overlook one in all the excitement.

For businesses that are selling an innovative product, an essential element that not everyone knows about is prototype design. Here, we talk a little bit more about what that is, and how it can help you get your startup business going.

What is prototype design?

First, what actually is prototype design? Essentially, it consists of the experimental process of using different parts and techniques in order to turn a concept into an effective end product.

Obviously, the exact process will depend on the product that’s being designed. The general idea however is that the prototype will go through a range of tests, based on which any necessary changes can be made.

Why it’s important

There are multiple reasons why prototype design is so important for a startup business’s success.

Achieving compliance

For most products, it’s necessary to jump through certain regulatory hoops before you can legally bring them to market. Of course, these regulations depend on the kind of product you’re developing. For example, an electronic product will likely be subject to more regulatory testing than a wooden spoon.

The testing requirements also depend on the market you sell it in. EU regulations are generally different to those in the US for example. It’s important that you choose an expert prototyping service like BitBox to carry out these tests, so that you can be sure they’ve been done to the highest of standards.

Make something you can show stakeholders

Whether you already have investors, or you need to seek additional funding, it’s important that you have something you can actually show them. Prototype designing is a great way of achieving this.

It shows that you’re taking the design process seriously, and allows you to show progress to people who are already involved in the project. If you then need to show something to investors so that you can get capital to get production rolling, you’ll now have a whole series of prototypes to show off.

Ironing out any flaws

Of course, the main purpose of prototype design is to come up with a perfect end product. That means creating preliminary models that aren’t perfect, working out how you could make them better, and then changing the design.

By going through this process multiple times, you can iron out any flaws, until you arrive at something that will actually work in the real world. It’s not easy, but it’s far better than bringing a product to market that simply isn’t ready. As you can see, for businesses that want to sell a new product, prototype design is a crucial part of bringing that product to life.

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