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Beginner’s Guide to Online Interior Design: From Virtual to Reality

31 October 2023

What required experience and professional tools can now be done by virtually anyone — interior design included. Online interior design has made creating living spaces simply and approachable, often with guidance from professional designers via the internet. This is not only convenient, but also very cost-effective, whether you’re looking to refurbish a single room or redo your entire house.

Beginner's Guide to Online Interior Design: From Virtual to Reality
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Getting Started: Understanding Your Style

The first step in designing your space is establishing your personal style. Are you more into minimalism or cozy, country aesthetics? Online platforms typically provide quizzes and other assistance to help assess your style and pinpoint your preferences. It’s a crucial step that will conveniently match colors and textures to define your spaces with.

Many online interior design services offer virtual consultations with professional designers to confirm and adjust your choices. These experts can help refine your ideas and provide suggestions based on your unique space and budget.

Interactive Tools and Apps to Help with Design

There are tons of helpful applications available, from color palette generators to virtual reality guided tours. They can assist you by suggesting complementary color schemes based on your preferred shades, or even allow you to virtually paint your walls to see how different colors will fit your space.

Interior design technology keeps evolving, and new tools are coming out regularly. You can even download an app to your smartphone that allows you to place virtual furniture in your actual room using the camera and augmented reality — it’s that simple!

3D Visualization: See Your Space Before You Build It

One of the most exciting aspects of interior design tools is the ability to see your ideas come to life through 3D visualizations, way before you actually turn them into reality. The tools allow you to perform a virtual walk through your designs, giving you a realistic view of the final outcome. This way, you can confirm the layout and furniture placement before the decisions are set in stone.

3D visualization is also actively used in real estate besides basic real estate photo enhancement. 3D home rendering transforms the way agents promote residential properties, providing prospective buyers with an immersive, interactive experience that goes beyond static photographs or plans. This technology creates a realistic, comprehensive representation of a property, allowing purchasers to understand the area and its possibilities.

Using Floor Plan Makers

The virtual floor plan maker is another essential tool for any homegrown interior designer. It allows you to create a detailed floor plan with minimal effort and no technical skills required. Tools like Planner 5D offer extensive functionality, making planning your interiors straightforward and intuitive.

With a floor plan maker, you can make your layouts from scratch and render them in full 3D, helping you create accurate plans for future renovation. Try out different design styles and experiment with the available tools to create the perfect space for you and your close ones.

After finalizing your layout, the next step is selecting furnishings and decor. Online design platforms often have partnerships with various furniture and home decor retailers, providing a wide range of options. You can browse through these selections and see how they look in your virtual space before making any purchases. Planner 5D, for example, features an extensive collection of furniture and decor objects that you can simply pick up and drop wherever you see fit on the floor plan.

5 Tips for Online Interior Design

  • Accurate Measurements: Always start by taking precise measurements of your space to ensure that furniture and decor fit perfectly.
  • Use Mood Boards: Create online mood boards to gather and organize your ideas and inspirations, helping you to visualize and maintain a cohesive design.
  • Explore Options: Take your time to browse through different styles and decor. Online platforms offer an immense array of choices, so don’t rush your decision.
  • Consider Lighting: Pay close attention to both natural and artificial lighting in your space, as it can dramatically alter the mood and appearance of your rooms.
  • Functionality is Key: See that your design choices meet your practical needs. A space should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Implementing Your Design

When your design is complete, it’s time to bring it to life. Some online design platforms will give you the option to purchase the selected items directly through the application, or to print a list of required materials.

Online interior design is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between imagination and reality. It offers a flexible, cost-effective, and enjoyable way to design your living spaces — and it’s easier than you may think!

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