Attractive Rotterdam business centers guide

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Attractive business centers in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

9 July 2021

A city that was almost destroyed in the Second World War has grown beautifully in all aspects. Rising from the ashes, Rotterdam has become world-famous due to its modern and groundbreaking architecture. Not simply the architecture, Rotterdam is known as the gateway to the European continent and represents a significant transport hub. Companies located in Rotterdam can reach more than 150M consumers in a sweep of 500 kilometers.

Attractive Rotterdam business centers guide

Attractive business centers in Rotterdam, NL

So, if you are searching for a progressive country to set up your startup, Rotterdam will welcome you with great enthusiasm. The city performs well in significant business sectors, e.g., Agriculture and Food, Offshore and Maritime, Health and Sciences, Clean Energy and Technology, Business Services (e.g., Insurance), Gas and Oil, and Chemicals. Steadily increasing in prominence, a large creative sector has been flourishing along with the sectors listed above. Entrepreneurs like architects, clothing designers, and web designers have set up their camps in Rotterdam.

Above all, Rotterdam’s tech sector is booming with more than 500 startups, grown from 163 in 2018 and around 50 scale-ups. We see a blend of hyper-growth scale-ups, creative startups, and everything in between.

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Are you still looking for reasons? Well, we at Easystart Rotterdam, have jotted down these convincing points so that you can make an informed decision.

An attractive tax regime

The Netherlands has an appealing fiscal environment for new organizations. The public authority has adopted a cutthroat taxation system to stimulate entrepreneurs and foreign financial investors. The pace of corporate tax is lower compared to different countries in Europe.

Low costs for operating a business

Rotterdam is a charming city for funding for businesses and doing business. The Competitive-Alternatives guide is issued twice a year to compare the costs of companies at different locations, covering up to 10 countries over 130 cities. It centers on the 0-cost of international businesses by locating types of operations. Keeping the expenses aside, the report contains valuable information about other factors impacting the attractiveness of the studied locations- particularly: quality and availability of legislation, personal living costs, labor availability, infrastructure, markets, economic conditions, and general well-being. Click here on Easystart Office for more info.

Quality Workforce

The principal factors that add to the accessibility of qualified experts are the country’s receptiveness for international organizations, including its great fiscal environment, the top-class instructive institutions in the locale of Rotterdam, and the outstanding presentation of the city in significant business sectors.

High quality of life

All the more uplifting news for startup founders is that Rotterdam has 15% lower costs than Amsterdam. The Dutch capital has encountered a significant ascent in demand over the previous decade, making Rotterdam a practical option for founders and workers alike. In Rotterdam, you can partake in the Dutch lifestyle, profiting with a moderate and quality way of life.

Attractive Rotterdam business centers – Conclusion

Rotterdam is a booming city that has an ample number of opportunities for your business startup’s career. Setting camps at Rotterdam will not only help you grow but will also help the entire startup to grow.

Rotterdam offers international organizations a fulfilling, globally situated, and stable business environment. The second most splendid city in the Netherland is over a decent decision for setting up a business.

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