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Architect Mikhail Skisov analyzed the architectural and urban planning potential of Wynwood

26 May 2021

Architect Mikhail Skisov: Wynwood, Florida

Article by Jonathan Joy

Mikhail Skisov, a talented Russian architect who is currently implementing his creative plans in the United States, has won a lot of professional awards and prizes. He is a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, the Russia Designers Association, and a successful businessman. With wide popularity and prestige in the homeland, Mr. Skisov decided to continue his activities in Florida. In this article, the architect shared his thoughts on how the urban potential of the Wynwood area is developing in the conditions of natural and climatic factors.

Urban development: features and prospects

If we are concerned about the latest designs of the author, the concept of the relationship between nature, architecture and society is most clearly expressed in the latest one – the Memorial Park memorial complex at the site of the tragedy in the city of Surfside, Florida, which won second place at the International Design Awards.

Architect Mikhail Skisov: Wynwood, Florida

Mikhail Skisov insists that In the system of development of large cities, nature, ecology and general climate conditions determine the fundamental approaches to the development of the territories, their adaptation to various socio-cultural values and needs.

According to Mr. Skisov, the features of planning and development of large metropolitan areas consist in environmental and security conditions, aimed at comfortable development and renovation of the spatial environment. It is nature that determines the level of artistic norms and concepts of Mr. Skisov ‘s designing. As well nature determines the socio-cultural life of the citizens and often offers the role-forming decision for the architectural climate of the city. The harmonious combination of nature, architecture and people in the concept of contemporary megacities is extremely important.

If we specify and regulate the case of Wynwood, the southeast orientation of the city and design features of the area are dedicated to compensate intensive wind loads in the considered region, aggravated by the lowland feature of the area. Many constructive and planning decisions here are subject to this factor. The relief of Miami ranges from 3 to 55 meters.

Architect Mikhail Skisov: Wynwood, Florida

As for visual context, one should take into account the city’s sea view, which arises from the arrangement, for example, of embankments, which have become a kind of Miami’s landmark. In his projects, Mr. Skisov follows all these features and at the same time strictly adheres to the correct aspects – regulations and building codes that are specific to the region. Most of the negative natural conditions and their impact on urban planning can be avoided even at the stage of designing, the architect says. Of course, these facts do not harm the aesthetics or the expected comfort of buildings. In no case they may spoil the overall design privacy.

Another advantage of Miami in terms of architecture is its relative youth compared to the cities of the Old World. Young cities are very plastic, they show up before the architect many opportunities for creativity, and the aggression of the local climate is nothing but an exciting challenge.

Architect Mikhail Skisov: Wynwood, Florida

Mikhail Skisov’s designs and awards

Here are the designs that are worth noting among the ones that the renowned architect has already implemented or is actively working on in the United States:

●Memorial at the site of a collapsed residential building in Surfside, Florida, awarded Silver in the prestigious International Design Awards.

●Washington Tower Apartments at 6015 Washington St Hollywood, FL 33023, Washington. The crowdfunding co-investment platform Vera Fund commissioned the design.

●The project of the elite Coral Tower residential complex, designed in an unusual coral style that has already received the approval of the city authorities.

● Virtual Smart City – an ambitious author’s project of the architect, which is an improved concept of a universal urban environment designed for renovation and development of unfavorable areas of the city. The idea of a Smart Urban Environment, offered by Mikhail Skisov, is a very progressive and innovative direction that implements the concept of the city of the future and is aimed at the harmonious coexistence of man with nature and elimination of inequality within society.

Of course, without the accumulated impressive experience in his homeland, in Russia, Mikhail Skisov would not have been able to show his talents in America so quickly and vividly. Among his attainments in Russia, we should mention:

●Victory in the competition of designs for developing the Osetrovsky bridgehead Memorial complex.

●First prize in the competition Building a New Olympus-2019 for the design of a secondary school in Voronezh-city (Russia).

●Finalist of the competition for conceptual designs of houses for the elderly.

●Multiple winner of the architectural forum Zodchestvo-VRN.

●Reconstruction of the embankment of the Tikhaya Sosna River in Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh Region (Russia), and many others.

Architect Mikhail Skisov: Wynwood, Florida

Architect Mikhail Skisov at Wynwood, Florida – Conclusion

Summarizing the above, we can say that in his designs, both successfully implemented for local developers or those that are still at the planning stage, Mikhail Skisov focuses on adaptation to natural and climatic conditions using local building materials and technologies. Of course, all the designs are in compliance with the norms intended for the social security of the population.

According to Mr. Skisov, there are two main criteria for the architectural and spatial development of Florida cities, they are socio-cultural tourist attractiveness and natural and climatic sustainability.

Author of the article: Jonathan Joy

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