9 tell-tale signs you need foundation repair services

9 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foundation Repair Services advice, Houston house floor guide, Property maintenance tips

9 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foundation Repair Services

7 October 2021

9 tell-tale signs you need foundation repair services

The foundation of your home is one of the crucial elements to consider. That’s why regular inspection of the foundation should be part of the maintenance. However, if you’re not familiar with the basics, the repairs can be costly and time-consuming, especially when you end up with foundation problems.

When problems start to develop on your foundation, it can affect various aspects of your home. Over time, you’ll face expensive and lengthy repairs. If you want your home’s foundation to stay structurally sound, you should know the symptoms of any major problems.

With that said, here are several tell-tale signs you need foundation repair services for your home:

9 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foundation Repairs

  1. Cracks On The Windows And Doors

Once you find tiny cracks on the windows, it’s an indication that the foundation of your home is shifting. Observe the cracks if they grow more prominent. If so, this means the foundation is moving. If this is your situation, call reputable foundation repair professionals in your area to ensure timely repairs.

  1. Uneven Doors And Windows

When the windows and doors don’t fit precisely or start to malfunction, it’s an indication that the foundation requires a repair job. One way to determine the extent of the foundation’s shift is to measure the gap between the upper part of the door and the frame.

  1. Cracks In The Concrete

The formation of cracks in concrete at the base of your house is a red flag. Small-sized cracks might signify a non-structural issue, but if you find deep, vertical cracks, they indicate potential problems with the structure. Consult a professional to assess the structure. A professional will also advise any repair options.

  1. Cracks In The Flooring

If you discover broken or cracking tiles around your house, it’s a sign that the foundation under the flooring has cracks. When the tiles are loose or sound hollow, the foundation beneath has sunken further, resulting in an uneven surface.

  1. Standing Water

Once you find mildew growth around your house, usually close to the bottom of the walls, it indicates drainage issues. If there’s standing water around your house or water doesn’t seem to seep into the soil, you have a problem with your home’s foundation.

  1. Buildup Of Water In The Basement

The buildup of moisture in the basement might be due to the cracks that form in the basement’s wall. Generally, the cracks develop once the soil expands when it’s wet or moist. The expansion of the ground thrusts the wall inwards due to the pressure.

The soil contracts once it starts to dry up. It also tends to move due to natural events, placing pressure on the walls of the basement. The constant pressure from the expansion and movement of the soil can steadily weaken the concrete and produce cracks where water and moisture can seep in.

  1. Cracks In The Walls

If you find several cracks in both the inside and outside walls of your home, it might be due to various reasons. One of the usual reasons is the elevated level of humidity in the area where you live. In some cases, the seepage of water into the wall is also responsible for the cracks.

If these reasons don’t apply to your situation, the formation of cracks is likely due to the foundation. When the foundation of your house is shifting or moving, it can cause cracks in your wall. The shifting can be due to the settling or upheaval of the foundation.

Once the cracks in the wall grow prominent over time, it’s crucial to call for a professional to carry out a repair job as soon as possible. If you overlook this problem, it might further damage your home.

  1. Pest Invasion

Although you’re likely to see a few bugs now and then in your home, facing an infestation is a different story. Once you start to notice the increasing presence of bugs in your home, such as ants or termites, one of the possible causes might be the foundation.

As the foundation starts to develop a problem, it can cause cracks on the floor, walls, and ceiling. The development of these entry points will allow insects to enter your home. Once you find several cracks in your home and suspect a possible foundation problem, calling a professional to make timely repairs is a must.

  1. Gaps Between The Wall, Ceiling, And Floor

Once you notice evident gaps between the walls, ceiling, and floor, it indicates the shifting of the foundation. In such cases, the movement of the foundation causes cracks in the corners where the floor meets the walls.

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Foundation Repair Services – Final Thoughts

The foundation is a crucial element in your home, serving as a sturdy support for years. Sadly, wear and tear and natural events can lead to the deterioration of the foundation. Once you notice any of these tell-tale signs of a possible foundation problem, make the right choice by calling a professional to make the necessary repairs.

Recognizing these signs early is crucial, but equally important is choosing the right professionals for the job. For those seeking Quality Foundation Repair services, it’s vital to opt for experts who can accurately assess and address these issues, ensuring the longevity and safety of your property

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