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8 Free Ways to Build a Real Estate Buyers List

11 Feb 2020

8 Free Ways to Build a Real Estate Buyers List Tips
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As a realtor, your list of buyers, or potential buyers, is paramount. Real estate is an industry about sales, knowing people, networking, and getting your name and reputation out there. After all, you want your face to pop into people’s minds when they think of buying for their new home. Flesh out your contacts list and make sure that potential homeowners come to you when they’re in the market for a house with these 8 free ways to build a real estate buyers list.

Create a Sharp, Informational Website about You as a Realtor

Creating a website should be considered the first step in creating a strong online presence for yourself, but you’ve got to make sure to do it right. After meeting you, hearing about you, or reading about you, the first thing that someone is going to do after hearing about your reputation in the real estate business is go to Google.

Let prospective clients know a little about you, as a person, as well as your passion for the real estate game – include your areas of specialty here, too. Share links to your professional social media profiles on your website, so that they can keep up with your listings and activities online. Most importantly, make sure that your contact details (phone number and e-mail address) are easily found on your website.

Post Consistent, Strong Web Content

Having a website with all your relevant and important information is great but your website needs to be alive and dynamic. Just as the real estate industry is ever-evolving, your website needs to reflect that.

Creating engaging, informational blog posts, for example. For search engines, like Google, this helps in that it shows that your website is not “dead”. For you and your business, this gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise of the market and industry, the trends, as well as your own opinions. Basically, by creating engaging content on your website, you provide a sense of value to clients and potential clients, alike, making them want to keep up with you and your business.

Additionally, when you produce great content, visitors who want to keep up with what you’re putting out there want to be notified about any new content. Creating a pop-up subscription form allows visitors to fill in their email addresses, thereby adding to your list of real estate buyers.

Keep it Social – Make Real Estate Social Media Your Thing

How do others become exposed to your website and all the great content you’re producing? That’s one of the great uses of social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram are great tools to promote your professional life and put what you’re doing out there!

Others appreciate it when you engage on social media, too. Keep it professional on LinkedIn, but don’t be shy to show the livelier and fun side of who you are as a real estate agent. Be memorable! You’ll soon gain a following and interested people will have another channel to contact you about listings or properties that you may be able to find for them.

Keep Up with Former Clients and Contacts

As a realtor with a positive attitude and great interpersonal skills, you’ve probably got more than a few former clients who are happy and satisfied with their purchase – a home that you helped them to attain. Those previous, happy clients are gems in the real estate market when it comes to word-of-mouth referrals! They’ll be happy to recommend you to find a place for their friends, so make sure to stay in touch so that you’re always the first in the industry that they think of. If you find that their contact details have changed, look them up on Nuwber to keep an updated directory of your client history.

Offer Seminars and Workshops

To meet potential clients and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with the real estate market in your surroundings, try giving workshops and seminars for buyers, renters, and even sellers. Hosting with different organizations can also provide you with insight into sales strategies that you hadn’t thought of. Share your knowledge about the job market to create long-term contacts who will think of buying once their rent period is up.

Engage at Open Houses

Open houses are prime spots to meet prospective buyers. Why? Potential clients are, clearly, already in the market to purchase a house of apartment, giving you the opportunity to meet with many potential homeowners every week. The added bonus is that neighbors will be on the lookout, too, especially when they value their neighborhood. This means that they probably know of others who are interested in buying in the locality and will refer them to you.


This can’t be overstated! Be there and make a presence. Keep business cards on you, mention what you do to friends and family, and make yourself known in your target neighborhood(s). You never know who’s a future client.

Be Real, Be You

Forget about all the negative stereotypes associated with realtors in the industry! Just be yourself and let your personality shine through. People love authenticity, and the same goes for potential clients, so harness your authentic personality. Being genuine allows you to build rapport and gain the trust of others, providing you with a more invested real estate buyer’s list.

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8 Free Ways to Build a Real Estate Buyers List
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