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7 Simple and effective design changes for modern homes

17 Feb 2020

Too often modern homes are left bare and sterile. Creating a balance between a clean, modern and interesting interior for a modern home can be difficult to get right. Below are some simple tips for quickly and easily improving the interior design of your home.

7 Simple design changes for homes

Design Changes for homes help

Install larger windows

Adding extra windows means you will benefit from all the health, stylistic and monetary benefits that come with increasing the flow of natural light into your rooms. Furthermore, adding more windows is an easy way to create a greater sense of space in your home.

Bauhaus-inspired furniture

The Bauhaus school of design from Germany is known for creating groundbreakingly modern and practical furniture that can be seen in homes, schools and offices across the world. The key to this design is simplicity and modernity which is perfect for a stylish new build. For more information and examples on Bauhaus design check out our article ‘Bauhaus inspired architecture and furniture.’

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Contrasting colours

If you want to make your room feel brighter and more cheerful without spoiling the modern aesthetic you are going for, experimenting with bold colour choices can be a great option. Some examples are creating a contrasting feature wall with paint or patterned wallpaper, installing some contrasting coloured curtains and pairing them with matching cushions, throws or lampshades.

House plants

Adding some greenery to your rooms, either with pot plants or creeping vines, will give a fresh, natural look to your modern home. Furthermore, house plants can also create a healthier living environment by increasing the amount of oxygen in the air which can positively affect anything from mood to concentration.

Bronze statues

When mounted on a table or the floor, statues are a fantastic way to create an eye-catching focal point for your home. Bronze statues, in particular, create a sense of wealth and decadence and, with so many shapes and designs available, you should be able to find one that fits with your space and the specific look you are going for.

Additional mirrors

Like adding more windows, mounting mirrors on the walls or even ceilings of your home will easily create a sense of space and airiness. What’s more is, as they reflect light, you can use mirrors to create interesting effects that promote a glamorous, clean feel in a modern home.

Increasing the number of light sources

Installing fairy lights, candles and lamps or adapting your ceiling lights with dimmer switches are all easy ways to easily change the mood of your rooms. Relying solely on bright white illumination for the ceiling often creates a sense of clinical sterility that can make it harder to relax. In contrast, softer lighting from candles and lamps can make a room feel much more cosy, calm and give your eyes a break from harsher ceiling lights.

Following one or two of the tips will help you rapidly improve the look and feel of a modern room and make it feel much more like home. Experiment with a few of these ideas and I am sure you will recognise the benefits almost immediately.

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7 Simple and effective design changes for modern homes
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