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7 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

7 Feb 2021

7 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Do you absolutely love everything to do with gardening and horticulture, and want to extend your hobby into your home? Maybe you have been considering getting some plants for your home for a while now, but are unsure of the right plants to grow indoors? Perhaps you already have a couple of plants, and are looking to add some others to the mix that you know will thrive in your home? If this sounds familiar, then read on to learn more.

This article will seek to shed light on the 7 best indoor plants for your home. Adding a little bit of greenery with schefflera plant and many more other plants to your home can really make it feel more welcoming and full of life. Even if you have terrible luck growing plants normally, be sure to try some of these suggestions to see how it goes.

1. Spider Plants

Excellent addition to any home garden setup is the spider plant. These plants are named for their branching leaves and offshoots, which can sometimes be interpreted to resemble a spider or spider web. They are hearty plants and thrive in indoor environments with regular sunlight. They are often sought after for their ease to propagate, which is the process where you essentially clone your existing plant from a smaller portion. Utilizing this technique will allow you to quickly grow the size of your spider plant collection after only a small amount of time.

2. Pothos

Another extremely popular variety of indoor plants is the pothos. Pothos come in many different varieties, such as golden pothos plant. These plants produce vine-like growths, which many people like to grow to lengths up to 2 meters. The Pothos plant thrives indoors because of its ability to adapt to different levels of light and water. Pothos that is lighter in color is able to subside off much less light than their deep green relatives. This plant is also able to adapt to different levels of water, and can even survive entirely submerged in water, without any soil.

3. Aloe

The plant known as Aloe has become increasingly popular over the years due to its low difficulty level to grow, and also because of its various therapeutic and medical uses. This plant is super popular as a houseplant because it will thrive in your home, and requires very little watering. If you want to help your aloe thrive, you are recommended to not water it too much, as this can lead to the roots beginning to rot. There are also many sizes and types of aloe plants to choose from, so be sure to have a look before you decide on just one. Many people like to have multiple aloe plants, so that if they need to harvest leaves, then they will not always be taken from the same plants, which can cause harm.

4. Ivy

Ivy is a famous and infamous plant largely because of the poison ivy plant, which is known to cause rashes, itching, and some other symptoms when it comes in contact with our skin. The ivy plant is actually quite diverse in its scope and includes many non-poisonous varieties in its genus. Many old buildings have large ivy outcrops growing up features like stonework, or wooden lattices, which is characteristic of the Victorian period.

5. Money Tree

Money trees have been growing in popularity as a home plat choice for a few years now due to factors surrounding availability, and cost-effectiveness. Fortunately for you, these now abundant plants make a great addition to any collection of indoor plants. These plants are well adapted to an indoor environment and come in many different shapes and sizes.

6. Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is another type of indoor house plant which has become more popular in recent years. These plants are diverse and come in many different sizes and shapes. Many smaller varieties make perfect house plants.

7 Best Indoor Plants For Your House

7. Succulents

Cactuses and other plants that are native to the desert are often ideal for in home cultivation due to the lack of watering necessary, Air plants, aloe, and most cactuses are part of this family of plants known as succulents.

7 Best Indoor Plants For A Home Advice

After checking out a few of the previous suggestions, the hope is that you have found a couple of great indoor plants that will be an excellent addition to your home and living space. This article only discusses a few of the most popular house plants, so be sure to do some additional research if you are looking for more options.

Whether or not you are an accomplished gardener, adding some plants to your home and caring for them can be an incredibly rewarding experience. If you have kids, showing them how to care for houseplants can be a great way to get them into gardening, which is an incredibly valuable life skill.

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