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Reasons Why You Should Switch to LED Lights

30 Jun 2021

Switching to LED lighting has a whole host of benefits. These include saving money, benefiting the environment, and increasing productivity. Making the switch has several long-term benefits that are outlined below. If you have been on the fence, this will help you make your mind up.

Why You Should Switch to LED Lights

Save Money

Switching to LED means saving some coins. LED lighting is a lot more energy-efficient, which means that if you are using non-LED lights, you will be wasting money every time you pay your electricity bill. Your bill will decrease once you make the switch. These lights last much longer than others, which means cost savings in maintenance and disposal. On average if you used an LED light bulb for around 8 hours a day, it wouldn’t need to be replaced for a decade.

Although LED lighting can be costly initially, the savings, in the long run, make up for this.

Help The Environment

LED lights are highly efficient, wasting only around 5% or less of their energy. Using energy efficiently helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and the long life of these lights means that landfill waste is reduced. Landfills are harmful to the environment, as when the waste begins to rot it creates methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming when released into the atmosphere. LED bulbs can be recycled which helps out Mother Nature a little.

They also contain no mercury and are made out of non-toxic materials which means that they cause less harm to the environment than other light sources. If you are looking to become more or are already environmentally conscious and want to do your bit for the planet, switching to LED lighting is the way to go.

Why You Should Switch to LED Lights

Increase Productivity

You might be wondering how this is even possible but did you know that workplace performance and productivity can decrease when there is poor lighting? Studies have demonstrated that bad lighting leads to poor employee motivation.

If the lighting isn’t great, this can cast reflections or glares making it difficult to focus and carry out tasks effectively, whereas LED lighting solutions provide lights that will not cause employees to suffer from low motivation or cast glares across the workplace. Even if you work from home, you might find yourself with little motivation or not that excited to work every day, and this could be down to poor lighting. Switching to LED will give your work area at home the spruce up it needs.

Higher-Quality Lighting

Good lighting can lift up a space super quickly. Bad lighting can make a room or space look dull, lifeless, and even sad. Good quality lighting makes the entire room look better, cleaner, professional, and adds ambiance. If you are finding that your lighting is making everyone look worse or that it is not providing light in the room the way you would like it, then make the switch to LED lights.

LED lighting can be focused on the area it is needed, which means you can tailor, and ensure that the area is lit up the way you want it.

More Color Options

You are not just limited to your standard white bulb, instead, LED lights come in a huge range of colors. This means you can use it in any part of a house, workplace, or office. You might want to change colors to add a certain mood or ambiance, and you will be able to change up the mood with a flick of a switch. The colors can be accessed and used without needing any filters, making it more space and cost-effective.

Silent Bulbs

You have probably experienced the irritating sound of a slight hum or buzz emitting from lightbulbs. This happens due to the ballast in the bulb. With LED lights, this does not happen. LED lighting is completely silent, which means you don’t have to be subjected to this sound, and can live and work in peace.

Better For Your Health

LED lighting has evolved to the point that it can mimic natural light. Adequate exposure to natural light helps regulate the circadian rhythm. When this is not regulated, we can experience poor and disturbed sleep which can lead to decreased levels of productivity, stress, and anxiety. LED light has less of a negative effect on eyesight and does not cause premature aging the way fluorescent lighting can.

There are many more reasons to make the switch, but these are enough to seriously consider a change. Your health, productivity, finances, and the environment, can all benefit from switching your old trusty bulbs to LED lighting.

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