5 unique features to include in luxury home

5 unique features to include in luxury home tips, Ohio house purchase guide, Online Rockford property advice

5 Unique Features to Include in a Luxury Home

15 May 2021

When purchasing or building a luxury home, it can be overwhelming to look at the features list of luxury homes and decide which ones you want and which ones you can live without. When looking at the most luxurious homes in Ohio, several have a pool or home gym. But what if you want to go beyond those features? Learn about five unique features you can include in your luxury home that will make it stand out in the crowd and will make your home a popular space to hang out.

5 unique features to include in luxury home

5 Unique Features to Include in a Luxury Home Advice

  1. Multi-Sport Courts

Some homes feature a tennis court or basketball hoop, but why not combine the two into a multi-sport court? You can install a full-size, fenced-in tennis court that doubles as a basketball court as soon as the tennis net is removed! Playing sports is one of the most fun ways to get more physical activity in your day, and having a multi-sport court can add some variety to your routine.

  1. Library

Many young bookworms dream of a day where they can finally have their own massive collection of books. If you want a unique feature in your luxury home, a library is a classy and peaceful addition to any home, especially when it comes equipped with nooks to sit down in with a thrilling novel or informative non-fiction work.

  1. Golf Greens

Anyone who has played even one round of golf knows that a person’s short game skills can drastically impact their overall scores. By installing a practice golf green on your property, you don’t have to venture far to practice your short game and shave off a few strokes from your score next time you golf with your friends.

  1. Home Theater

Why go to the movie theater when you could watch your favorite movies on a giant screen from the comfort of your own home? Many home theaters in luxury homes come equipped with surround sound, cozy couches, and even a popcorn machine that make the experience feel authentic without having to leave your home.

  1. Guest House

Are your in-laws coming to town to stay for a few days, months, or even permanently? If so, having a guest house on your premises will allow guests to feel at home while giving your family, and your guests, a bit more privacy. Guests will appreciate a space to call their own, or you can rent out space when it isn’t being used by a friend or family member.

In Conclusion

When looking into building or purchasing a new luxury home, it can be easy to get carried away and add anything and everything you think you and your family might ever want. But, you may be better off, in the long run, narrowing down the unique features your home has by stopping to think about what you will actually use regularly.

Ultimately, though, only you can decide which features you want in a house that will make it feel most like home for you and your family.

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