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5 signs you have water damage in your home – advice

9 September 2022

5 signs you have water damage in your home

For every homeowner, water damage is like a nightmare. It not only takes a toll on your property but also on your mental health. And you end up losing a lot of unexpected fortune. And that is the reason why you need to be more cautious about every minutest detail of your house. If you are not very careful, you might regret it.

And water damage is one of the most common threats every household faces. It is something that not only destroys your property but also poses a threat to your health. But, with little maintenance and careful watch, you can avoid letting water damage rob you of your money and health.

But, sometimes, people often ignore very few signs of early damage or, sometimes, don’t know if those signs are indicating future water damage or not. Not being careful or overlooking those signs can lead to causing potential damage due to water. And that is why understanding the reason behind the damage and trying to eradicate them at the earliest becomes your responsibility.

Well, if you are putting up in Eden Prairie and your house is facing water damage in Eden Prairie, you might just contact Bedrock Restoration.

On the other hand, if you are unaware of the signs indicating your house is facing water damage, you are precisely at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the five signs which say you have water damage in your house. Let us see:

Signs that you should notice for water damage in your house

The signs we are about to mention are the most common signs that you must look into and get hold of; beforehand, they spread, and you suffer from heavy loss. Let us cut to the chase and see what those signs are. Go through them with care, and in no time, you will be able to understand the importance of keeping your house under a watch. Now, let us get started:

5 signs you have water damage in your home – list

Sign # 1: You are able to spot mold

Do you know mold can pose a threat to your health? It can be the cause of health hazards that can seem to be life-threatening. And the growth of mold is one of the earliest signs of water damage, which should be addressed immediately. Suppose you are walking past your walls and spot some unusual blackish spots on them, stick to the fact that those spots are nothing other than the growth of mold.

mold can occur in your walls and ceilings and can even leave a stain. mold are the origin of water damage and the first signs you can notice of water damage. But do you know where you can generally find the growth of mold? Mold development can usually be found near the kitchen, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. This is because these are the places where the water of maximum capacity is used.

The areas near these rooms consist of the most moisture and serve the perfect environment for the growth of mold. And these mold can pose a threat to your life. Therefore you must be aware of them. So, if you find mold growing around your house, without delaying further, you should call up the best water damage restoration company near you. Nevertheless, mold growth can even disrupt your house’s structural damage.

Sign # 2: You can notice unusual high utility bills

If you are putting up in a big house with multiple attics, then it is not always possible for the owner to notice water damage. But certain other unusual happenings might take place if your home is facing a threat of water damage. One of the most happening is the rise in utility bills.

Sometimes it can be because of the HVAC system, but it is also safe to check for water damage. And the first thing that you need to ensure is safe is the several faucets and pipelines. Sometimes, these pipelines and faucets might not give you any visible appearance of water damage, but don’t leave a hint. Checking for water damage inside the walls can be your next stop. Therefore, check for that immediately.

Sign # 3: Change of appearance of your house

Do you know that the appearance of your house changes due to water damage? It can come to you as a surprise, but it is the harsh truth. And this makes it one of the reasons why you should look for water damage immediately.

Now, the question is, how can water damage destroy the structure of your house right? Well, first of all, if your home is on the verge of facing water damage, then you might be able to notice walls that are running dry and even flaky or bubbly ceilings. Therefore, you must look for all these signs.

Keeping a check on all such things is important because if all of these things spread, then you might be in huge danger. Another thing that you should watch out for is wet floors. mold can be present in the corners of your rooms and can cause irreversible damage.

Sign # 4: Old system of water supply

It is one of the significant gateways to water damage. Sometimes, you might rely on the pipes, but then you can find the faucets to be the primary culprits. And this is one of the reasons why you should run for a water system inspection. If it comes out to be faulty, you must think of cutting from the source if you are going to be out of town for a long time.

Sign # 5: Presence of unpleasant odor

If your house is on the verge of water damage, you might feel the presence of a foul smell. You might even feel elevated humidity and dampness within the inside walls of the house. And these are the resulting factors of foul smell due to water damage.

The dampness can even lead to the growth of mold, and thus, you need to check for these situations when you are the house owner.


Hopefully, this article would help you in the process of knowing water damage in your house.

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