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25 Apr 2019

Architectural Lighting Design: A Few Key Aspects of Getting It Right

Good architectural lighting designs can be defined as a way to make the lighting and the general architecture in any given space work together with each other. It also encompasses various other, more detailed aspects aside from this general idea, of course, and we are now going to discuss a few important ones so that you can avoid mistakes and maximize the interior and exterior décor of your own home with an architectural lighting design of your own.

Making the Fixtures Work with the Interior Decoration

Part of a proper architectural lighting design also includes making the design of the actual light fixtures themselves work with the décor in the room because it wouldn’t make any sense otherwise. Whether you have a modern home design with sharp, masculine aspects to the living room and the kitchen, or a lavish décor reminiscent of the golden days of old, you will want your LED ceiling lights to reflect the same design theme as well. Consider the LED ceiling lights here on, because they have a huge collection of LED ceiling lights for every kind of interior decoration that one can possibly have in their home.

When we say a wide collection, we mean it, because where else will you find the Easy Cruiser Skateboard LED ceiling light that looks exactly like a funky skateboard? The Easy Cruiser is listed close to the Lukretia, which looks like a beautiful piece of modern art with eight LED ceiling lights on one gorgeous fixture.

If brass fixtures are what you are looking for, then the soft glow of the five-bulb Elaina will light up your living room or bedroom, with a golden aura around it. These are just a few of the many, many other designs available for purchase on and it is likely that you might even get overwhelmed by the choices. To avoid confusion, simply shortlist the products you like the most and then think about how they would work with the décor of each room before making your decision.

Proper and Adequate Luminescence

This is an important part of understanding the concept of good architectural lighting design because this is where most people get it wrong.

There should be more than just one source or type of light in any room, irrespective of how small the space might be. Understand that there are task lights, accent lights and, of course, ambient lights that you need to concern yourself with.

Ambient light sources can come from lamps and LED ceiling lights, for example, and you don’t really have to choose between one or the other as the ideal home has more than one source of ambient light. You won’t really have to turn them all on at once, but the option should be there to beautifully light up every corner of a room with various light sources, if and when required. At other times, you can simply turn the light/lights on in the area where you are at, saving on electricity bills while you are at it.

Task lights are table lamps, kitchen lamps and other light sources which are turned on while engaging in a specific task, such as reading or cooking.

Finally, accent lights are lights utilised by the homeowner to highlight specific parts of the home’s architecture such as a photo wall or a beautiful painting.

It is when all of these come together that we can expect to have a complete and effective architectural lighting design.

Creating the Magic of Contrast

This one comes into play for the exterior lighting of the house because your home should look grand and inviting to an onlooker once the sun goes down and the lights come on.

Use accent lighting to highlight the architectural specialties of your home to the onlookers, so that they stand out in beautiful contrast with the darkness of the night around it. In fact, it may not be a bad idea to use accent lights of varying luminescence to make it obvious which are the more favourite parts of your home’s exterior, where you want people to pay more attention to.

Don’t light up the entire house like a Christmas tree because, without the presence of darker and completely dark sections on the architecture, the magic of contrast would be absent.

In many ways, a reshuffled architectural lighting design can significantly change the way your home looks and feels. Lighting affects our moods more than we realise, but it is a scientific fact that cannot be denied. After all, light is what grants us vision and unless that light is working in perfect harmony with the interior décor and the overall architecture of your home, it will end up looking incomplete. The good news is that even if you have made mistakes before, an overhaul of the lighting system is a lot cheaper than most remodelling projects.

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