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5 Beautiful Historic Buildings In 3D Models

post updated 10 February 2024 ; 21 January 2020

The creation of three-dimensional models in architecture is not just a trend but one of the most effective technologies. With its help, you can achieve several goals at once:

  • Show the whole concept of an architectural object before its construction.
  • Detail the layout to the smallest detail.
  • Engage models in 3D for presentations to customers or promotional materials.
  • Find weaknesses in the architectural design and correct them before construction begins.

Not only new architectural projects use 3D modeling. Often, 3D-graphic designers receive orders for the reproduction of existing buildings, including architectural monuments and religious sights of the world.

Where and Why Are Such Models Popular?

  • In the creation of games and entertainment content: often the action of games or animated clips take place in real-world places. And for a detailed display of the location, it is required to use identical building models.
  • In the development of training programs or virtual excursions: it is much more interesting to learn history, to get acquainted with the cultural and architectural features of a particular monument with the help of an accurate three-dimensional image, on which you can see all the features without leaving your place of life.
  • The creation of three-dimensional models of cities has recently become an increasingly popular occupation of many GIS specialists. More and more talk is about three-dimensional geographic information systems. The tasks that such systems will solve are still incomprehensible, however, three-dimensional models of cities have been created for over a decade.
  • In virtual and augmented reality applications, such models are simply irreplaceable. With their help, you can create real miracles, because in 3D glasses or through the smartphone screen, the user can fully experience the beauty and power of buildings, go around it in a circle, look inside – and at the same time, you will feel the full effect of presence.

Agree, this idea is very promising, and therefore 3D models for architecture are becoming more and more popular every year. Do you know how interesting and visually accurate such models of architectural structures can be? Here are 5 examples of how modern digital technologies breathe new life into familiar sights.

Famous Taj Mahal: India’s Luxury, Accessible to Everyone

5 Beautiful Historic Buildings - Famous Taj Mahal building India

Who is not familiar with this wonderful palace that rises in Agra? The Taj Mahal, a huge white marble mausoleum built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of the deceased beloved wife of Mumtaz Mahal, is one of the most famous buildings in the world and one of the main symbols of India.

Huge and at the same time unusually light, as if the Taj Mahal soaring in the air is never the same: a clear sunny day and in a thunderstorm, at dawn and in sunset light, in milky fog and mysterious light of the moon and stars. Thanks to the talent of 3D designers, everyone can see the model of this palace in detail, and you don’t need to fly to India for this.

Big Ben: A Cult English Landmark

Big Ben Palace of Westminster in London

The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London is known worldwide under the name Big Ben. Meetings of the House of Lords and the House of Commons are held in the Palace of Westminster, in the many kilometers long corridors of the palace it is easy to lose the right direction, there is hardly a person who has visited all of its 1,200 rooms, but the most famous part of the palace – the clock tower – is known, without exaggeration, to say the world and is one of the most striking architectural symbols of the city.

When creating such a complex object, the 3D designer’s task is to convey every detail reliably, from the shade of the dial to the number of steeples on a sharp roof.

Sydney Opera: Australia’s White Swan

5 Beautiful Historic Buildings - Sydney Opera: Australia's White Swan

If you hear the name “Australia”, what symbol comes to your mind? We can say with confidence that most will remember exactly the building of the Sydney Opera House. It is still considered one of the main masterpieces of modern architecture, and its forms resemble at the same time a lotus flower and a white swan flapping its wings. Due to the complex architectural form, it is not easy to recreate such a model, but you can definitely enjoy it without stopping.

Feng Yuan – a Unique Coin Building

5 Beautiful Historic Buildings - Feng Yuan Unique Coin Building China

This unusual round building is located in China. The shape of Feng Yuan accurately repeats the famous coins of Feng Shui, symbolizing well-being. In itself, it is already considered an architectural masterpiece and performed by 3D designers it is a masterpiece of accuracy and realism in the digital industry.

Burj Al Arab – the Star of the East

Burj Al Arab Building Dubai UAE

Despite the fact that this famous building is located in Dubai, its architect is an American. But that is not the point. A unique monument of modern architecture masterly combines the basic references to European and American culture with oriental flavour and luxury. And you can see this even without flying to the United Arab Emirates – just consider in detail the 3D model of the building, recreated by a gifted 3d-designer.

It’s all possible with 3d-modeling and architectural examples we share with you prove it brilliantly!

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