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3 Fantastic Networking Opportunities for Architects

6 July 2020

With the whirlwind of technological advancement that has occurred over the past 100 years, it’s easy to forget that the profession of architecture is still in its relative infancy. While awe-inspiring buildings have been created from the medieval period onwards, a budding builder didn’t need any formal training to practice architecture until the middle of the nineteenth century.

3 fantastic networking opportunities for architects

Architects Networking Opportunities

The result of this was a cabal of have-a-go architects who created poor-quality buildings which had the aesthetic quality of a rotting skip.

Amongst the victims of bad architecture in the nineteenth century were the working classes. Those who worked in factories were placed into poor quality, unhygienic housing, creating slums which wouldn’t be truly eradicated until after the Second World War.

A brief glimpse at the history of architecture illustrates its value as a vocation, but it also shows how important collaboration is to the process.

If you’re a housing maverick making buildings on the fly, chances are they simply won’t be very good. But with a solid team around you, the possibility for success increases exponentially.

Because of this, the architect has become duty bound to collaborate with entrepreneurs, academics and corporations to create exciting buildings that push the boundaries of modern design.

Networking has become a necessity in the architectural world, whether that means hustling for new contracts, meeting with your peers or discovering the intersections between architecture and the humanities.

To show you what we mean, we’ve found a few networking opportunities that will expand your contact network and broaden your horizons.

Arise Innovation

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) has recently launched a new entrepreneurial growth hub which aims to bring students, academics and businesses under one roof. The hub is known as Arise Innovation, and it provides office space for budding companies to work together, ensuring a collaborative process between SMEs in the local area.

More importantly, Arise also host a variety of networking and business events, as well as workshops which can foster your business knowledge. This is the ideal route into building partnerships, and it’s not an opportunity to be missed.

Architecture and Collective Life Conference

The Architecture and Collective Life Conference is an annual event which has been running for 17 years, and was founded to ‘create a thoughtful debate about architecture and its practices.’

This is one of the most important platforms in which architecture, town planning and the humanities are discussed, and it accepts papers from any practising architects or academics.

The event usually takes place over a period of three days, during which time you’ll have ample opportunity to get to know delegates and make invaluable connections.


SqrFactor is like Tinder for architects, but instead of casual hook-ups you’ll be making important business partnerships.

According to their site, SqrFactor is ‘a matchmaking website bridging the gap between business and consumers with architects and designers. We help you find each other through design competitions.’

This is a professional platform which mines the rich vein of competition to forge alliances and harvest new seeds of thought.

Know of any other networking opportunities for architects? Let us know in the comments below.

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