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10 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen or Bath

2 July 2021

10 ways to add color to your kitchen or bath

The kitchen is the center of the home, and you spend time in your bathroom getting ready for work every morning and bed every night. You should enjoy the space you spend so much time in, and adding color is an easy way to get more joy in your space.

When some people think of adding color, they imagine neon or bright colors invading the room and assaulting the eyes. You don’t have to add bright colors to increase the interest in the space. Color adds dimension, and neutral or subtle colors can be just as effective.

10 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen or Bath Guide

Here are ten ways to add color to your kitchen or bath:


10 ways to add color to your kitchen or bath

Paint is the most obvious choice when it comes to adding color to a room. You can paint only the lower cabinets or the island to draw some attention but not overwhelm the space in the kitchen. In the bathroom, a colorful vanity will increase the drama in the small space and have a huge impact.

Another option with paint is to paint the inside of the cabinets if you have glass doors. If you have white dishes, the paint will add color in a simple and easy step.


Many people cringe at the idea of adding wallpaper, but the styles of wallpaper have improved dramatically since the ‘70s and ‘80s paper of your nightmares. A pop of color or a geometric pattern will create an exciting look without breaking the budget. Most peel and stick wallpaper is easy to apply and can be done over a weekend for a brand new look.


10 ways to add color to your kitchen or bath

Rugs aren’t only meant for living space, and they have their place in the bathroom and the kitchen. If you have a galley kitchen, counters parallel to each other, add a runner on the floor to soften the look of the floor and add color. In the bathroom, choose a rug that fits the color scheme you are looking for, and that can handle the humid environment of the bathroom.

Simple Swaps

In the kitchen, swap out your black or grey bar stools with colorful ones. If they are metal, you can even paint them yourself and have more control over the color. Cushioned stools can be covered with slipcovers that are easily switched out with the seasons or washed.

In a large bathroom with a vanity and chair, you can do the same with a simple swap. Other simple swaps include window coverings, shower curtains, or colorful towels.


Having a backsplash installed in the kitchen is not only functional, as it protects your walls and cabinets from spills, but it can add color to the space as well. A kitchen with low lighting will benefit from a light-colored tile to brighten up the space. Hexagon tiles or other cool shapes add more than a simple white subway tile.

Bathroom floors are often overlooked, but you can add color to the floors and the shower or bathtub. Tiles that match the kitchen color scheme or a new color in the same pattern will provide a unification to your home. Try a black hexagon tile for a cool style.

Colorful Items

Instead of purchasing new items to liven up your space, use what you already have and add color with appliances, dishes, or trinkets. If you have a stand mixer or coffee maker that sits in the cabinet, but it is a beautiful teal, bring it out and use that color as a jumping-off point for the whole room. Counter space can be scarce, so use the walls to hang dishes or mugs.

Everyone needs a place to store their toothbrush on the counter and a soap dispenser to wash their hands, so use these as opportunities to add color.

Natural Colors

10 ways to add color to your kitchen or bath

The world is filled with natural colors, and these are easy to come by in the kitchen. Put a bowl of fruit in a prominent place or include a plant or two. If you aren’t great with plants, use fake plants to add the greenery without the responsibility. For a bohemian style, use a macrame hanger to keep the plant or fruit off the precious counter space.

It doesn’t seem like wood would be considered a color, but wood found in nature comes in many different shades and styles. Use a designer cutting board for function and beauty, or refinish your cabinets in a new stain. A teak floor mat by the shower adds a spa-like feel to your everyday space in the bathroom.


Replacing counters can be expensive, but if you have a smooth surface to start with, consider using a peel and stick vinyl cover for your counters. These vinyl sheets come in marble or colorful patterns and elevate the design in your kitchen or bathroom in a simple and inexpensive way.

Light Fixtures

Light is essential in both the kitchen and the bathroom, but the fixture that provides the light does not need to be an eyesore. Increase the color in the room by adding a light fixture that matches your color scheme and stands out. Lights over the island or above the mirror are just as much a part of the design as the rest.


If you have a built-in bench seat in your dining area, use colorful pillows to make the area feel homier and add more color. These can be easily switched out for the different seasons with slipcovers, along with placemats and napkins. If you feel extra crafty, consider refreshing your chairs with new upholstery in a complementary shade.

Colors of the Rainbow

10 ways to add color to your kitchen or bath

There is no law stating that your kitchen or bathroom must use specific colors to be trendy and keep up with the Jones’. Get inspired by looking online and finding what you want to incorporate into your design. Everyone has to eat, and you might as well do it in a space you enjoy being in.

10 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen or Bathroom Summary

Turn your bathroom into an oasis by finishing those projects that you have meant to do but haven’t gotten to yet. Once your home looks like you want it to, your mind can relax at home and enjoy the space.

Adding color doesn’t have to be expensive as it can include only the cost of a can of spray paint or a single plant, but it will exponentially add to the space as you continue to make it your own.

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