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post updated May 30, 2021

Volkan Alkanoglu Architect – Key Projects

Volkan Alkanoglu is an architect and designer whose innovative work and academic contributions have received international recognition. Since entering practice in 2001, he has contributed to building and research in the field of architectural design and sustainable projects and received awards and recognition for visionary building designs, master plans, art installations, exhibitions and sustainable environments.

“White Series”

Volkan Alkanoglu Architect

The Illustrations shown are a series of conceptual drawings investigating speculative architectural environments. The design of these abstract spaces is influenced and generated in reference to Tectonic design, Composition of Form and use of Complex Systems.

The Illustrations for the ‘White Series’ is a progressive discourse and dialog towards the investigation of topics within the field of Form, Pattern and Non-Euclid Geometries. Within this process, Architectural Design is generally perceived as a symbiosis of art and science.

Volkan Alkanoglu Architect art

The idea and concept behind the work is to create potential architectural environments through the evolution of abstract graphical elements to complex spatial systems. Key element of the design process is to introduce a framework of Aesthetics and Geometry.

While the Aesthetic is defined through Shape, Contrast and Composition, the Geometry is referring to Scale, Space and Dependence. Creative platform for each drawing is a white background on paper which is subsequently infiltrated by basic black lines and geometric elements.

Volkan Alkanoglu Architect art design

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SCI-Arc Announces Fall 2009 Public Lectures, Los Angeles, California, USA
Friday, October 2, 2009 at 1pm
Volkan Alkanoglu: On Distortion
Architect, Germany, UK and USA
SCI-Arc Architecture Lectures 2009

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA

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Los Angeles Architecture Designs – architectural selection below:

Vertical Courtyard, Santa Monica
Design: Montalba Architects
Vertical Courtyard Residence Santa Monica
photograph : Kevin Scott
Vertical Courtyard Residence in Santa Monica
The home centers around the vertical courtyard that connects all three levels of the home, along with adjacent terraced gardens, to create moments of simplicity and poetry within the residence.

LA River
Architects: Ballman Khapalova
LA River Los Angeles
image courtesy of architects
LA River
The LA River is a peculiar and unique space with tremendous urban and architectural potential for Los Angeles. While nothing more than a trickle in its original and natural form, the river currently provides an industrial and infrastructural conduit that cuts through the city from downtown LA to Long Beach.

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