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Schmidt Hammer Lassen Chairs : Flakes

Danish Designer Furniture by Contemporary Architecture Practice

26 Sep 2007

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Furniture

Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen K/S, Danmark

Flakes Designers Chairs – New Furniture Design

In true ‘Pimp my Ride’ style, you can now customize your very own FLAKES designer chairs and tables straight from the manufacturers, courtesy of an ingenious 3D web tool.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Furniture
picture from architects

The idea is the brainchild of leading Danish architectural practice schmidt hammer lassen and Finnish furniture manufacturer Piiroinen, who together dreamed up the idea of allowing private customers to create their own unique designer furniture.

Tables and chairs from the FLAKES design series can now be personalised
with customers’ photographs or other graphic designs. A 3D web tool enables customers to visualise the end result on screen before ordering the product. The result is a unique piece of Scandinavian designer furniture, and the possibilities are endless.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Chair
picture from architects

“The overall design of the FLAKES series is naturally fixed, but now customers will have the opportunity to choose their own bespoke graphics. This opens the way for a whole new approach to design, with exciting implications for creative home-owners and businesses keen to extend their branding in imaginative ways” says Lars Vejen, design manager at SHL Design. FLAKES was created by the Danish design team and developed in connection with the interior decoration of the modern Danish art museum, ARoS. The chair, which received the prestigious Red Dot Award, is made of fibreglass. This makes it possible to create a very slender fibreglass shell – a thin flake, which gives the chair its name.

You can design your own FLAKES chair or table at the Piiroinen website:

The price of the stackable FLAKES chair, in chrome and with arm rests, is €479, plus a one-off charge of €180 for the motif. The chair is available in several different versions, and both with and without arm rests. In the UK the series is distributed by the importers Coexistence, Knoll International and Tangram.

Location: Århus, Denmark

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