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Aug 17, 2018
T&N Villa, Puerto Cancún, Q.ROO, México
Architects: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Puerto Cancún house
image from architecture firm
T&N Villa, Puerto Cancún
The project is located within the subdivision ‘La Laguna 1’ in Puerto Cancun, on a 317.201 sqm (3,414 sqft) property intended for single family housing.

May 11, 2018
Playa del Carmen Hotel, Mexico
The Carmen Hotel, Mexico
photograph : Santiago Heyser
Playa del Carmen Hotel
Exotic, sustainable and avant-garde design, inspired by the coral reef of the Caribbean Sea. The design concept is focused on representing an experience for each of its visitors through a natural, unique and contemporary environment.

11 Mar 2016
Cancun Convention Center Building, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
Cancun Center building
image from architecture firm
Cancun Conventions Center Building
Inspired by the natural elements of the Caribbean, the rhythm of the sea, shapes and silhouettes that generate the movement of the waves and the breeze.

19 Feb 2016
GSI Tower Building, Cancún, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
GSI tower building Cancun
image from architecture office
GSI Tower Building
The building consists of 2 vertical bodies that meet at the top by 2 habitable bridges with an interior garden to form a large frame of the natural landscape. The building is protected from the sun in its west side by a ventilated facade.

10 Jul 2013
San Jose del Cabo Airport Development, San Jose del Cabo
San Jose del Cabo Airport Commercial Area Mexico
photo : Arq. Victor Sanz Pont
San Jose del Cabo Airport Building
The goal with this project is to join the new trend in green design Airports in the world, being the first of its kind in Mexico. The project’s main objective is not only to incorporate shops and services within the terminal but also to make the passenger go-through an experience.

13 Jun 2013
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica, Cancun City, eastern Mexico
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica
image by architects
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica
Inspiration for the concept comes from the strength and softness of the Caribbean ocean waves and the white sand of its beach. The rhythm of the ocean and the sensation of peace and harmony serve as design principles.

12 Dec 2013
A Palace For Nature, Qatar
A Palace For Nature, Qatar
image from architects
A Palace For Nature in Qatar
”An Oasis is a miracle of life in the desert.” sanzpont [arquitectura] has being awarded 3rd place in an international restricted competition for a VIP Palace in Qatar for its innovative and ecologic response to the project brief of this private residence.

17 May 2011
Beton Hala Waterfront Center Competition Entry, Belgrade, Serbia
Beton Hala Waterfront
image from architects
Beton Hala Waterfront Center Competition Design

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Location:Carrer de Fluvià, 139, 08020 Barcelona, Spain

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According to the studio, “Our main interest is creativity and design, from small to large scale, whether furniture, interior spaces, or large buildings. Our design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation, but always user-focused and with a great respect for the environment. We believe that architecture is art, but it must have functional utility to the user, be comfortable and adapt to the site. Architecture should provide a variety of human sensations, it must create a connection between the user and the city, between the site and the environment, and it must be useful, logical, beautiful and sustainable. All our work is based on cutting edge BIM technology (Building Information Modeling), which allows us to create integrated information projects with maximum quality and reliability.”

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