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Cancun Center Building

Conventions Centre on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico – design by sanzpont [arquitectura] architects

11 Mar 2016

Convention Center Building in Cancún, Yucatán

Design: sanzpont [arquitectura], architects

Location: Cancún, Yucatán Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea, Mexico

Cancun Convention Center Building

Cancun Center

Conventions Center

Cancun Center building

The design concept is inspired by the natural elements of the Caribbean, the rhythm of the sea, shapes and silhouettes that generate the movement of the waves and the breeze are some design guidelines that inspire the project to provide identity with strong roots in this destination.

Cancun Center building

The project expressed with the silhouettes the freedom of the wind, the curved movement and continually changing dynamism, and with the textures, the brightness and warmth while generating a rejuvenated icon to Cancun, the Caribbean and the World.

The New Cancun Center is an international conventions building were individual people, agencies and corporations can expose and exhibit their ideals

Cancun Center building

The project is located in Cancun, Mexico and is under construction.

As a design team opted the use of technology to obtain a lifting of physical measurements of the volume of the building, making a series of photographic shots through a drone, and generating “Photogrammetric ” models through Autodesk Re -Cap generating a 3D model scale through photographs. Cancun and the Caribbean are places with a high risk of hurricanes. As one of the key parts of the design was to experiment with 3D building models including on a Virtual Fluid Dynamics Simulator to understand the flow behavior of winds.

The renovations was both interior and exterior, remodeling seven exhibitions rooms and the exterios fachade of the building

Cancun Center building

Finding the intentions of the project was to investigate the best way we can transform a representative currently building for the city in the creation of events in an aspirational model that identifies with the natural and architectural context of Caribbean tourism to bring a benefit to the city . It is important to have a concept refurbished but at the same time identifying with people, the context and the Caribbean, creating a friendly but at the same time iconic building.

It was important for the conceptualization of the project to have a free way to work to achieve the objectives of inspiration; movement of sea, air and water. Through a process of digitak experimentation and drawings and at the same time through 3dsmax modeling poligonoles with low surface density using modifiers like Mesh smooth could give us the freedom to shape with ease in finding an organic design that would later further developed by BIM technology and digital manufacturing.

Design Team, Architect: Sergio Sanz Pont, Architect: Victor Sanz Pont, Architect: Eder Jafet Hernandez, Architect: Eric Gallegos, Architect: Jordan Galarza, Architect: Valeria Gómez, Architect: Eric Quiroz, Architect: Victor Uriel Mena, Graphic Designer: Miguel Angel Mendez, CG Artist: Jose Miguel Cano, , Hurracaine and CFD Consultor: , Dr. Architect: Marco Antonio Gutierrez, Grasshopper Paneling Consultor:, Architect: César René Ruíz Árias and Architect: César Iván Saldivar de Lira

Cancun Center building

sanzpont [arquitectura]

sanzpont [arquitectura] is an international architecture firm founded by twin brothers Sergio and Victor Sanz Pont. The design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation and creativity, but always focused on the user and with great respect for the environment , with the main interest in the search for originality and creativity in architectural design. His work is based on cutting-edge digital technology , creating intelligent models ranging integrated information detailing the phase of the project progresses.

Winner – Cancun Center Conventions Center by Sanzpont [arquitectura] is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2014 – 2015.

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sanzpont [arquitectura]

Location: Cancún, Yucatán Peninsula, México, North America

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