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14 January 2022

The Spanish master architect Ricardo Bofill Levi dies in Barcelona at the age of 82

The author of the iconic Walden 7 building will be remembered for his visionary and innovative architectural work.

Relatives, friends and colleagues mourn the death of the great architect.

His two sons, Ricardo Emilio and Pablo, continue to run his studio Taller de Arquitectura, which he himself founded in 1963.

«A nomad. I am still a nomad.»
– architect Ricardo Bofill

Ricardo Bofill architect Barcelona
image from Ricardo Bofill architects

e-architect send their condolences to the studio and the family.

Ricardo Bofill Architect Dies

Barcelona, 14 January 2022 – The architect Ricardo Bofill Levi, Spain’s most international architect, died this morning in Barcelona at the age of 82. Born in 1939 in Barcelona, Bofill leaves behind a wide and varied architectural production, as well as many ongoing projects.

Casa Familiar – family house in Mont-ras, Girona, Costa Brava, Spain, built 1973:
Casa Familiar - family house in Mont-ras, Girona
photograph © Gregori Civera

The IFEMA Palacio Municipal, formerly known as Palacio Municipal de Congresos – convention centre in Madrid, Spain, 1991-93:
IFEMA Palacio Municipal Madrid
photograph © Gregori Civera

From its innovative collective housing complexes of his early years, such as the well-known Walden 7 and the Red Wall, to infrastructures such as the Barcelona Airport, the corporate headquarters of Shiseido Ginza in Tokyo and that of Cartier in Paris, and current projects such as the Mohammed VI University with offices in Ben Guerir and Rabat, Ricardo Bofill has stood out for questioning the dominant thought in architecture. And from that philosophy an enormous production has come out – around a thousand architectural works in forty countries – very varied in its stylistic expression, deeply rooted to the site, with a strong component of innovation and risk.

Walden 7 Building, Sant Just Desvern near Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, built in 1975:
Walden 7 Building, Barcelona
photo © Gregori Civera

La Muralla Roja, postmodern apartment complex in Manzanera, Calpe, Spain – near Alicante, 1968, constructed by 1973:
La Muralla Roja, postmodern apartment complex in Manzanera, Calpe, Spain

Ricardo Bofill founded the Taller de Arquitectura in 1963 with a multidisciplinary team formed not only by architects, but also by other professionals and artists such as the literary critic Salvador Clotas, the poet José Agustín Goytisolo or the economist Julia Romea. This transversal spirit still survives today, with his two sons, Ricardo Emilio and Pablo, in charge of the office for the past few years, leading a plural team of more than one hundred professionals from thirty different nationalities who are currently developing numerous projects. This amazing team of people, along with the whole production of his architecture, is the true legacy left by Ricardo Bofill, in the words of the architect’s sons.

architect Ricardo Bofill Levi
photo : Gregori Civera_Pati Nuñez Agency

La Pirámide, Jonquera – The Pyramid – by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, 1976, on Catalan highway border between Spain and France:
La Pirámide Jonquera - Catalan highway border
photo : Gregori Civera_Pati Nuñez Agency

On January 26 and 27 an event will be held in Barcelona which friends, relatives and admirers of his architecture will have the possibility of visiting the emblematic headquarters of the studio to pay tribute to the architect.

Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, Morocco:
Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, Morocco
photo © Gregori Civera

Ricardo Bofill architect Spain
photo © Gregori Civera

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Major Building by Ricardo Bofill Architect

Casablanca Twin Center, Casablanca, Morocco
Date built: 1999
Casablanca Twin Center by Ricardo Bofill Architect
image from Ricardo Bofill architects
Casablanca Twin Center – major Moroccan building
This is a really striking design in North Africa, in a style somewhere between the Postmodernism of his Parisian buildings and the more slick commercial buildings in the US.

Key Architecture Projects

Featured Developments by Ricardo BofillTaller de Arquitectura, alphabetical:

77 West Wacker Drive – Donnelley Building, Chicago, USA
Date built: 1992
77 West Wacker Drive, Chicago Building by Ricardo Bofill
photo from architects studio
Donnelley Building Chicago

Barcelona Airport, Catalonia, Spain
Date built: 2001
Barcelona Airport Building by Ricardo Bofill Architect
photo from Ricardo Bofill Architects
Barcelona Airport building : Nueva Terminal de Aeropuerto del Prat

Dearborn Center, Chicago, USA
Date built: 2003
Dearborn Center

Les Arcades du Lac, near Versailles, Paris, France
Date built: 1982
Les Arcades du Lac, France: Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines building
photo : Fred Romero from Paris, France, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Arcades du Lac

Le Belvedere St. Christophe, Cergy-Pontoise, Paris, France
Date built: 1985
Belvedere Saint Christophe, Cergy-Pontoise
image from architects studio
Belvedere Saint Christophe

Les Echelles du Baroque, Montparnasse, Paris, France
Date built: 1985
Echelles du Baroque, París, Francia.

Les Espaces d’Abraxas, Marne-la-Vallée, Paris, France
Date built: 1982
Abraxas, Marne La Vallée, Francia.

Miguel Delibes Cultural Centre, Valladolid, Spain
Date built: 2007
Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes
image from architects studio
Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes
This cultural facility is home for the Castilla León’s Dance School, School of Dramatic Arts, Symphonic Orchestra, and Conservatory of Music. Under a waving roof the centre is located around three main halls: the concert hall for two thousand, chamber music hall for four hundred fifty, ballet and experimental theatre for four hundred eighty. The spaces are connected together by the interactive plaza and streets.

Paribas, Paris, France
Date built: 1997

Place de l’Europe, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Date built: 2003
La Porte Plateau Kirchberg, Luxembourg Building
image from architects office
Le porte Luxembourg

Shiseido Building, Tokyo, Japan
Date built: 2001
Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building
photo : Wpcpey [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]
Shiseido Tokyo

W Barcelona Hotel, Barcelona, Catalonia, northeast Spain
Date built: 2009
Design: Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura
W Barcelona Hotel building design by Ricardo Bofill Architect
photo from architects office
W Barcelona Hotel

More architecture projects by Ricardo Bofill architect / Taller de Arquitectura online soon

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, southwest Europe

Barcelona Architect Practice Information

Architect Ricardo was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Ricardo Bofill architect : Biography + Full List of Buildings

Ricardo Bofill Architect, Taller de Arquitectura
photo from Ricardo Bofill Architects

Studio – Taller de Arquitectura

Ricardo founded a group of architects, engineers and philosophers – Taller de Arquitectura – in 1963. Taller de Arquitectura’s main office is located in Barcelona

Taller de Arquitectura Barcelona studio:
Taller de Arquitectura Barcelona studio
photo from architects office

Taller de Arquitectura Paris studio:
Taller de Arquitectura Paris studio
photo from architects office

Ricardo Bofill Awards

1964 Premio ADI-FAD de Arquitectura (Edificio Calle Nicaragua 99), Barcelona, España.
1968 Premio Fritz Schumacher, Universidad de Hamburgo, Alemania.
1978 Premio ASID (American Society of Interior Design), EE. UU.
1980 Premio Ciudad de Barcelona (Reconversión de Fábrica en Oficinas en S. J. Desvern).
1989 Premio de la Académie Internationale de Philosophie de l’Art, Berna, Suiza.
1992 Award for Support of Affirmative Action, Chicago Urban League (Donnelley Building).
1992 The Chicago Lighting Award of Merit West Wacker, Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (Donnelley Building).
1993 Grand Award for Interior Landscape Contractors, American Landscape Contractors (Donnelley Building).
1993 Best New Building Award, Friends of Downtown (Donnelley Building).
1993 The Excellence in Engineering Award, American Society of H.R.A.C. Engineers (Donnelley Building).
1993 Real Estate Development of the Year, Chicago Sun-Times (Donnelley Building).
1996 Favorite Building and Favorite Lobby, Survey of Chicago Tribune Readers (Donnelley Building).
1996 One Star, Architectural Interest, Michelin Guide of Chicago (Donnelley Building).
1998 Oscar de Excelencia por la Arquitectura y Diseño de Interiores, Mejor Obra del Año, Ayuntamiento de Lisboa (Atrium Saldanha).
2002 Tokio Architecture Award 2002, Tokio Association of Architectural Firms (Shiseido).

All photos owned by Taller de Arquitectura

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Barcelona Architecture Design

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Camp Nou stadium – Nou Parc Prensa Barcelona
Design: ON-A architecture
Nou Parc Prensa Barcelona landscape design
image © ON-A
Nou Parc Barcelona Landscape Design

Cheriff Restaurant, Barceloneta
Interior Design: Mesura
Cheriff Restaurant Interior Barceloneta Barcelona
photo : Jose Hevia
Cheriff Restaurant Interior in Barceloneta
Looking beyond the touristic craze, there is a local life present in the Barceloneta neighbourhood. The air smells like the sea, and early in the morning fishermen stock some of the restaurants that still speak to the memory of the local community.

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