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9 February 2022

Kjellander Sjöberg architects launch London practice

Meridian Water, London:
Meridian Water London buildings design
image courtesy of architects practice

Kjellander Sjöberg London Architects News

9th of February 2022 – After several years of active participation in the capital’s development, KS are very happy to announce the launch of a London architects practice. Recognized and awarded for outstanding architecture and urbanism, Kjellander Sjöberg aim to bring the best of Scandinavian innovation, design & climate smart intelligence to the UK.

Nacka Port – sculptural landmark with local and climate-smart urban life in Stockholm, Sweden:
Nacka Port - sculptural landmark with local and climate-smart urban life in Stockholm, Sweden
image courtesy of architects practice

The Kjellander Sjöberg London practice will be headed by Stefan Sjöberg, Founding Partner of Kjellander Sjöberg and London Director, providing continuity, creativity, and experience across our Scandinavian and UK practices. Stefan will be joined by Irfan Alam, Associate Director, with a background of working with some of the most renowned award-winning architectural firms in London. Irfan will lead UK projects with a focus on design quality and excellence and drive the development of the studio.

Annedalsterrassen, Stockholm – residential scheme enhancing the landscape:
Annedalsterrassen Kjellander Sjöberg Architects Practice
photograph : Adam Mørk

Kjellander Sjöberg are a diverse community of fifty architects, engineers, planners, and urban thinkers with exceptional talents. Experts in delivering creative masterplans and architecture, KS participate in the innovative urban discourse of three vibrant cities where they have studios: Stockholm, Malmö and now London. These places champion the future of liveable environments and good-growth development; places that allow us to drive new thinking to support thriving communities based on quality of life, social equity, and resilient sustainable models.

Gjuteriet – transformation of industrial heritage in Malmö, Sweden:
Gjuteriet - transformation of industrial heritage in Malmö, Sweden
image courtesy of architects practice

KS are very pleased to be working closely with Periscope in shared Dalston studios to collaborate on urban design, public realm strategies, spatial narratives, and architectural design. KS have also successfully fashioned bespoke teams comprising leading UK practices to bring specialist expertise to large scale projects; Kjellander Sjöberg Arkitekter find the combination of Swedish and UK designers is a major asset allowing the firm to combine the best experiences of both creative cultures. Kjellander Sjöberg bring a different voice to the discourse – they approach the UK context afresh and without pre-conceptions to develop new and relevant approaches from first principles.

Woodhouse Rosendal, Uppsala – timber block with a strong community character:
Woodhouse Rosendal design by Kjellander Sjöberg
photograph : Johan-Fowelin

The establishment of our London practice comes at an exciting and dynamic moment post pandemic, where a new focus on urban quality and the revitalization of the public realm, streets and parks is emerging, with an initiative to reimagine a city for all. Kjellander Sjöberg focus on making rich, inspiring, and authentic places with a clear identity and a positive social impact. The practice’s interventions are acutely rooted in contextual sensitivity and actively shaped by positive community engagement. KS approach architecture and creative masterplans in a very granular way to realize places and spaces that are meaningful, relatable, and enjoyed at human scale.

Key projects by KS in the UK include the Meridian Water Masterplan for the London Borough of Enfield and a prominent residential mixed-use development in Brent Cross Town commissioned by Argent Related.

Irfan Alam and Stefan Sjöberg

Irfan Alam and Stefan Sjöberg
image courtesy of architects practice

Stefan Sjöberg
Founding Partner, London Director
Architect SAR/MSA

Stefan is a founding director of Kjellander Sjöberg Architects. He has led the practice towards establishing a sustainable and community driven approach based on planetary boundaries and innovation. Stefan balances an energetic and reflective focus on large scale urban projects, transformative place-making, and opportunities to develop the public realm.

[email protected], +46 (0) 706 658 859

Irfan Alam
Associate Director London
Architect M.Arch ARB RIBA

Irfan is an architect and associate director at Kjellander Sjöberg London. With a background of working with some of the most renowned award-winning architectural firms in London, Irfan has extensive experience in residential, cultural, and higher education projects. Irfan sits on the Southwark Design Review Panel and the Watford Place Shaping Review Panel.

[email protected], +44 (0) 7951 923 934

Kjellander Sjöberg Studio Ltd
2-4 Tottenham Road
N1 4BZ

Meridian Water Masterplan

Meridian Water, London:
Meridian Water London by Kjellander Sjöberg Architects office
image : A2 Studio

Appointed as Masterplan Spatial Lead in 2019, Kjellander Sjöberg has over the past two years been intensely involved in the development of the new masterplan for Meridian Water, Enfield Council´s £6bn 25-year regeneration project which will create 10,000 homes including 4,000 affordable homes and new workplaces for local people.

‘KS have led on the preparation of a revised Masterplan for a new neighbourhood at Meridian Water working in collaboration with multiple other practices. The combination of their Scandinavian experience and perspective, their firm commitment to sustainability, and their ability to work effectively in partnership with both the public and private sectors as well as other practices has resulted in a really inspiring plan for the future.’

– Peter George, Programme Director Meridian Water, Enfield Council

Brent Cross Town

Brent Cross Town High Street, north west London:
Brent Cross Town High Street, norh west London
image courtesy of architects practice

Kjellander Sjöberg are currently commissioned by Argent Related to deliver an exciting residential development in Brent Cross Town. Working in close collaboration with Glenn Howells Architects London, the scheme is based on new-thinking placemaking and public realm proposals. Planning approval was awarded by the London Borough of Brent in 2020 and the next stage is due to start up in 2022.

‘Having won a hard-fought design competition, we worked collaboratively and successfully with Kjellander Sjöberg on a prominent residential plot in Brent Cross Town. Stefan Sjöberg and his team engaged really positively with the constraints of the site while also bringing fresh thinking to all aspects of their proposals, including a real focus on the ground floor and the relationship with the surrounding spaces.’

– Nick Searl, Joint Managing Partner, Argent

Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitekter

Kjellander Sjöberg Building Designs

Key Buildings by KS – architectural selection below:

Magnolia restaurant, Stockholm, Sweden
Magnolia Restaurant, Stora Sköndal, Southern Stockholm
image Courtesy architecture office
Magnolia Restaurant

Höbalen 2 Plot, Malmö, south west Sweden
Design: Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects with Veidekke Eiendom
Höbalen 2 Plot in Elinelund, Southern Malmö buildings
image Courtesy architecture office
Höbalen 2 Plot in Elinelund, Southern Malmö

Nacka Port Block, Nacka / stockholm, Sweden
Nacka Port Block near Stockholm by Kjellander Sjöberg Arkitekter
image Courtesy architecture office
Nacka Port Block Building

More architecture projects by Kjellander Sjöberg Arkitekter online soon

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Houses of Parliament Restoration and Renewal Programme, central London
Palace of Westminster building viewed across the River Thames
photograph © UK Parliament
Houses of Parliament Restoration and Renewal

60 Aldgate, Minories, City of London
60 Aldgate, Minories Masterplan
image courtesy of architects practice
60 Aldgate Building

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