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Contemporary Dutch Architecture Practice at Milan Design Week 2019: Lensvelt and Modular

5 Apr 2019

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i29 x Lensvelt in Milan
During Milan Design week 2019, Lensvelt and Modular present their installation ALL NEW at Ventura Centrale. A range of new furniture design products will be presented.

i29 is proud to become part of the Lensvelt furniture collection with the Felix Chair.

i29 Interior Architects Furniture Lensvelt – Felix chair:
i29 Interior Architects Furniture Lensvelt - Felix chair
photo : Jan Willem Kaldenbach

The Felix chair is designed as a group, not as a loner. It is not an ego but a team player. A comfortable chair that is widely applicable in terms of style, function and price. The Felix Chair is a stackable, switchable, upholstered chair. The chair takes it’s name from Felix Meritis, Europe’s oldest cultural institution, for which the chair was specially developed. End of this year the building will be reopened after a major renovation, designed by i29 interior architects.

Visually, the connecting character of the Felix chair is reflected in the back rest. In groups, the backs together form one whole. The back in two colors is a deceptively simple option that further accentuates this connecting character. In a group arrangement, the chair belongs to both adjacent groups. As a result, the “boundary” between “individual” and “group” literally and figuratively shifts. Moreover, it provides extra aesthetic possibilities for the architect.

Design: i29 interior architects for Lensvelt

Photos: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

About i29 interior architects

i29 interior architects is an award-winning Amsterdam based design firm, known for its distinct, unconventional interior design concepts. Their work is characterised by a highly conceptual approach and a radical design attitude. i29 is not limited by a specialization, but rather sees its expertise in the experience with various projects. Alternating collaboration with external advisers, i29 works on interior design projects in all possible fields for (cultural) real estate developers, both private and commercial clients, in cooperation with architectural firms and other innovative partners from the creative industry.

i29 Interior Architects

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26 Feb 2019
Tiny Holiday Home, Vinkeveen, The Netherlands
Architects: i29 interior architects & chris collaris
Tiny Holiday Home in Vinkeveen
photograph : Ewout Huibers
Tiny Holiday Home, Vinkeveen

National Museum of Ceramics Princessehof, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
National Museum of Ceramics Princessehof in Leeuwarden
photograph : Ewout Huibers
National Museum of Ceramics Princessehof

Samsonite Showroom, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Samsonite Showroom Amsterdam
photograph : Ewout Huibers
Samsonite showroom by i29 interior architects

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Location: Dulvendrecht, The Netherlands

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i29 Interior Architekten studio is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
i29 Interior Architects
photograph from i29

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