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Samsonite Showroom Amsterdam

New de Bijenkorf Retail in Holland: Dutch Store – design by i29 interior architects

10 Nov 2017

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam

Samsonite showroom by i29 interior architects

Location: Dam 1, de Bijenkorf

Photos: Ewout Huibers

Design: i29 interior architects

Challenged to design the new Amsterdam Showroom of the international luggage brand Samsonite, i29 interior architects was asked to reflect on the companies spatial brand identity.

Samsonite Showroom Amsterdam

Samsonite Showroom Amsterdam

The brief was to create an experience that unifies the diversity of the Samsonite Group and it’s sub-brands. To create a spatial identity which is fresh, recognizable and consistent, in order to inspire and attract a diverse group of customers. From young and fashionable to mature and classic. As today’s experienced dynamic consumer ask for fresh thinking and artistic gestures in order to be impressed, i29 aimed for a crystal clear concept that also relates to the brand essence.

Samsonite Showroom Amsterdam

Samsonite Showroom Amsterdam

i29 searched for an archaic symbol that intuitively refer to travel and movement in the broadest way. The graphic black and white color scheme that i29 introduced as the base of the design refers to the natural habitat of the suitcase or bag, the ‘urban space’ and is almost intuitively ingrained in the global collective memory. The black and white pattern can not to be pinned down to one single style like modern or classic but does communicate in a powerful way. The monochrome color scheme is a strong base to match with any color or material of the products on display.

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam by i29 interior architects

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam by i29 interior architects

To provide a level of surprise and excitement, i29 created multiple view angels with contrasting experiences. This is best showcased by the ‘curve wall’ that contains the premium product line of Polypropylene suitcases by samsonite. This installation against the back wall has multiple faces seen from different positions. By presenting the suitcases, bags and related travel products in their natural ‘urban’ habitat executed with a radically surprising design attitude, i29 aimed to take the Samsonite shopping experience to the next level. Using the core brand values as a starting point, added with artistry and unexpected retail solutions.

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam by i29 interior architects

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam by i29 interior architects

A dynamic landscape is formed with multiple structures, each representing a sub-brand of Samsonite. Every brand has it’s own presentation including a wide variety of products, whilst keeping the overall appearance together in one clear statement. The oblique graphical pattern with the diagonally placed objects provide a strong sense of direction: the diagonal layout is a twist for the eye, as it seems like the complete space is turned.

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam retail interior

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam retail interior

Lighting rails, centre floor units and perimeter units are all faced in one direction. A serie of open and closed showcase units provide enough display for the wide variety of products, while at the same time having the experience of walking through a blown up crosswalk.

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam retail interior

Samsonite Showroom in Amsterdam retail interior

Samsonite Amsterdam Showroom – Building Information

design: i29 interior architects
client: Samsonite
photographs: Ewout Huibers
size: 200 sqm
contractor: Stooff Interior Projects

Samsonite Showroom Amsterdam images / information from i29 interior architects

i29 Interior Architects

Retail chain selling name-brand luggage & travel gear, briefcases, duffles, backpacks & accessories.

Address: Dam 1, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Location: Dam 1, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands

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