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29 Nov 2016

New Award for Eduardo Souto de Moura

Eduardo Souto de Moura Wins 2017 Piranesi Prix De Rome Career Achievement Award

The Portuguese architect will receive the prize in March 2017 at the Casa dell’Architettura – Acquario Romano in Rome, Italy.

The Awards Committee of the Piranesi Prix de Rome, in collaboration with the Ordine degli Architetti, Paesaggisti, Pianificatori e Conservatori di Roma e Provincia together with the Polo Territoriale di Mantova of Politecnico di Milano and the Pantheon Institute of Rome, have selected Eduardo Souto de Moura as recipient of the 2017 Piranesi Prix de Rome Career Achievement Award.

Eduardo Souto de Moura architect will receive the prestigious recognition, for the high classical formation in architecture, on Friday the 24th of March, 2017, at the Casa dell’Architettura – Acquario Romano in Rome, where he will offer a lectio magistralis during which he will outline the salient moments of his professional career from its beginning in 1980.

Paula Rêgo Museum, Cascais, Portugal:
Paula Rêgo Museum building
photo : Luis Ferreira Alves

The conjoint announcement is being made by Presidente Emerito of the Accademia Adrianea, Prof. Arch. Romolo Martemucci, the President of the Ordine degli Architetti PPC di Roma e Provincia, Alessandro Ridolfi, the Director of the Premio Piranesi, Luca Basso Peressut and Federico Bucci, Pro Rettore of the Polo Territoriale of Mantova of Politecnico di Milano, after ample discussion on the candidates – started already in the month of June 2016 – with other members of the Scientific Committee, professor Livio Sacchi (Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti PPC), Luigi Spinelli and Barbara Bogoni of the Polo Territoriale of Mantova and Pier Federico Caliari, curator of the Piranesi Prix de Rome.

Souto de Moura, born in 1952, and winner of the Pritzker Prize of 2011, is one of the most noteworthy and influential architects of the world. He started his studies at the Italian School of Oporto. He then attended the School of Fine Arts where, as aspiring artist, he studied sculpture. Subsequently, his interest in architecture prevailed and took him to the Degree in 1980. He was a collaborator and assistant of Alvaro Siza (other Portuguese Pritzker winner) at the Architecture Faculty of the University of Porto.

He is currently Full Professor at the Polo Territoriale of Mantova of Politecnico di Milano where he teaches Architectural Design in Historical Contexts and Architectural Design. In addition he has taught architecture at Geneva, Paris-Belleville, as well as Harvard University, Dublin, ETH Zurich, Losanne, and the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio.

Among his most noteworthy projects: The Centro Culturale of Oporto (1981-1990), the House in Alcanena (1987-1992); the Casa of Cinema Manoel de Oliviera in Oporto (1988-2002); the Municipal Stadium of Braga (2000-2004); the Contemporary Art Center in Braganca (2002-2008); the Casa das Historias Paula Rego in Cascais (2005-2009); Casa das Artes in Oporto; the redesign of the customs building of Oporto into the Transportations and Communications Museum (1993-2002); the redesign of the Convent of Santa Maria do Bouro (1989-1997); the Cultural Center “Espacio Miguel Torga” in Sabrosa (2007-2011); the Paula Regola Museum (2005-2009); and the redesign of the Convent of Bernardas at Tavira (2006-2013).

Souto de Moura has, in addition, received many awards and honors from prestigious public institutions the world over. Among these, the already mentioned Pritzker Prize, the International Prize for Stone in Architecture from Verona, the First Prize in the Biennale Ibero Americana for the project of the Pousada Santa Maria do Bouro, the Premio Pessoa, and the Heinrich-Tessenow Gold Medal. He has been nominated member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; has been inducted with the grade of Grand Officier to the Ordem Militar de Sant’Iago da Espada of Oporto and nominated Honorary Member of Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, Honorary Member of the Order od Architects of Portugal, and inducted Member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin – Architecture Sector.

The name and works of this portuguese master constitute a new and important chapter in the recent history of the Piranesi Prix de Rome, that adds to and enriches its gold album list of high-profile recipients which have made contemporary architecture the field of privileged application for a continuous research on the essence itself of architecture and its permanent classical values in the constant reiteration and becoming of reality, from Rafael Moneo to David Chipperfield, from Peter Eisenman to Bernard Tschumi and Yoshio Taniguchi.

4 Feb 2013

Souto de Moura Wins 2013 Wolf Prize

Eduardo Souto de Moura will be the 2013 recipient of Israel’s prestigious Wolf Prize. Souto de Moura is located in Porto, Portugal. The Portuguese architect is 58 years old.

Eduardo Souto de Moura:
Eduardo Souto de Moura
photo : Augusto Brázio

The Wolf Foundation has run the awards since 1978. The eight winners share $100,000 awards in each of the five categories. Recipients are those who have advanced the fields of art and science.

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29 Mar 2011

Souto de Moura 2011 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate

Eduardo Souto de Moura is the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Pritzker Prize.

Souto de Moura is the second Portuguese architect to win the Pritzker Prize – architect Álvaro Siza won the award in 1992.

The Pritzker Prize jury citation states: “During the past three decades, Eduardo Souto de Moura has produced a body of work that is of our time but also carries echoes of architectural traditions.”

Souto de Moura said: “When I received the phone call telling me I was to be the Pritzker Laureate, I could hardly believe it. Then I received confirmation that it was actually true, and I came to realize what a great honor this is. The fact that this is the second time a Portuguese architect has been chosen makes it even more important.”

Pritzker Prize 2011 winner

Eduardo Souto de Moura Projects – no images

Souto de Moura Projects listed reverse chronologically, all in Portugal unless stated otherwise:

Cinema House for Manoel de Oliveira, Oporto, Portugal
Exhibition at the Belem Cultural Centre, Lisbon
Geosciences Department, University of Aveiro
Courtyard houses, Matosinhos
Baiao house, Baiao
Maia house, Maia
Vilar do Pinheiro houses, Vila do Conde
Bridge over Avenida 24 de Julho, Lisbon
Mansion renovation, Baiao
Art gallery, Oporto
Row of houses, Oporto
Block of flats, Rua do Teatro, Oporto
Miramar house 3, Miramar
Alcanena house, Torres Novas
Meirinhos house, Oporto
Tavira house, Tavira
Moledo house, Caminha
“Cidade do Trabalho” office blocks, Oporto
Cultural Centre, Soure
Frame shop, Oporto
House with two flats, Oporto
“Dell’Accademia” bridge, Venice, Italy
City market, Braga
Sports area cafe, Braga
House renovation, Guimaraes

More projects by Eduardo Souto de Moura online soon

Porto Architect : Alvaro Siza – former employer of Eduardo Souto de Moura

Location: Porto, Portugal

Eduardo Souto de Moura Practice Information

Eduardo Souto de Moura architects office based in Porto (Oporto), Portugal

Portuguese Architect Studio

Eduardo Elisio Machado Souto de Moura born in Porto

School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto – architecture degree

Álvaro Siza – architect

Eduardo Souto de Moura set up his own office in 1980

School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto – assistant professor

Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto

Souto de Moura has completed well over sixty projects, most in his native Portugal, but he has designs in Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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