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Du Besset-Lyon Architectes – Latest Building

Lons le Saunier Médiathèque & Cinémas, France
Dates built: 2008-12
Lons le Saunier Library & Cinema by Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
photograph © Philippe Ruault
Lons le Saunier Médiathèque
Next to the mediathèque, three existing buildings – the church, the Hotel de Balay and the wall of the prison – formed an impressive and severe urban setting made up of simple lines, great mineral surfaces and imposing masses. Unfortunately, the relation that these three constructions maintain could not be experienced from the street. Obviously, a new building, a fourth element, was needed to open and liven up the urban structure.

Du Besset-Lyon Architectes – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Du Besset-Lyon Architects, alphabetical:

Le Monde Headquarters, Paris, France
Date built: 1990
Agence d’architecture du Besset – Lyon
Paris Le Monde Headquarters Building design by Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
image from architect
Le Monde Building
The geometry of the facades and the treatment of the light aim to express two ideas: on one hand, Le Monde is an institution, on the other, in its presentation, the newspaper is more preoccupied by content than form.

Lisieux Médiathèque, France
Date built: 2001
Médiathèque Lisieux design by Du Besset-Lyon Architectes Paris
image from architect
Lisieux Médiathèque
The Lisieux médiathèque is situated in a busy street. Its urban setting is quite harsh, being part of the reconstruction of the city after the world war two. Remains of a Roman road, 2,5 meters below ground, had to be preserved, and the urban regulation commanded that the roof be sloped.

Montpellier Apartments, France
Date built: 2007
Montpellier Apartments design by Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
image from architect practice
Montpellier apartments

Orleans Médiathèque, France
Date built: 1994
Médiathèque Gambetta design by Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
photo from architect studio
Orleans Mediatheque
The Mediatheque is situated on a break in the course of the former malls of Orleans. The general shape of the building makes it the background for the perspective of the boulevards and at the same time ensures the continuity of the buildings that line them.

Rungis Médiathèque, France
Date built: 1999
Rungis Médiathèque
photo from architect firm
Rungis Mediatheque
The Rungis Library is laid out in an existing building. The only asset of this building is the large volume that can be liberated under its roof. We created an object that corresponds exactly to the spacious dimensions of the interior volume.

Saint-Denis University – Educational Facility, Paris, France
Date built: 2005
Saint-Denis University Building
photo from architect office
Saint-Denis University
The views slide along the rounded outline of the building and the hierarchy between front and back is challenged. The space turns around the building. Its façades do not assert their presence. Their surface seems to recede and while they blur the repetition and fragmentation effects typical of administrative buildings, they give a perception of the building that is of a global form.

Troyes Médiathèque, France
Date built: 2002
Troyes Médiathèque
photo from architects
Troyes Library
The Troyes public library is an institution of great patrimonial importance. Nevertheless, it stands to the rear of the car park of a Macdonald’s restaurant, in what is not a very flattering built environment.

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