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Carlo Scarpa Building

Addition to the page, 13 Jul 2013:

Palazzo Chiaramonte, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palazzo Chiaramonte Palermo Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri Palermo Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri
photographs © Adrian Welch
Palermo Architecture
A large historic building with interventions by architect Carlo Scarpa. Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri is a historical palace building begun in the early 14th century, and was the residence of the powerful Sicilian lord Manfredi III Chiaramonte located on the east side of Giardini Garibaldi in the Old City quarter of la Kalsa.

29 Nov 2012

Carlo Scarpa Exhibition

Carlo Scarpa
Venini 1932-1947

Location: Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia, Italy
Extended until 6 January 2013
Dates: Aug 29 2012 – 6 Jan 2013
Previous Dates: Aug 29 – Nov 29 2012

The exhibition Carlo Scarpa. Venini 1932–1947 extended until 6 January 2013.

Over 30,000 visitors: the first exhibition in the long-term project dedicated to the art of glassmaking has been a huge success with both the general public and the experts.

Carlo Scarpa Glasswork Venice
photograph from Le Stanze del Vetro

Given the positive response by Italian and foreign visitors and the very favorable comments from international critics and experts, and thanks to the generosity of the many lenders, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Pentagram Stiftung are pleased to announce that the exhibition Carlo Scarpa. Venini 1932–1947, curated by Marino Barovier will be extended until 6 January 2013. The exhibition opened on 29 August 2012 in the new Le Stanze del Vetro (Rooms for Glass) exhibition space on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice.

Consisting of over 300 works, the exhibition explores the creative development of this celebrated Italian architect in the years when he was artistic director of the Venini glassworks. Originally due to close on November 29, the exhibition has already been visited by over 30,000 people (free admission, 10 am to 7 pm, closed on Wednesdays).

The first event of the project
Le Stanze del Vetro

The exhibition ‘Carlo Scarpa. Venini 1932 – 1947’, curated by Marino Barovier reconstructs Carlo Scarpa’s creative development as artistic director of the Venini Glassworks from 1932 to 1947.

Due to run until 29 November 2012, the Scarpa exhibition is the first public event of the Le Stanze del Vetro (Rooms for Glass), a long-term cultural project launched by the Giorgio Cini Foundation in collaboration with Pentagram Stiftung for the purpose of studying and showcasing the art of Venetian glassmaking in the 20th century.

The building chosen for Le Stanze del Vetro (Rooms for Glass) exhibition is the left wing of the ex-Convitto (a former boarding school) on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. With 650 square metres of exhibition space, the exhibition centre will not only host exhibitions but also conferences, workshops and other events dedicated to glass.

The renovation of this long-unutilised building was designed by Selldorf Architects (, in collaboration with architects Fabrizio Cattaruzza and Francesco Millosevich.

The exhibition runs from August 29th to November 29th, 2012.

Carlo Scarpa – Latest Building News

Olivetti showroom and store restoration, Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
Date: 1959 ; restoration 2011

Olivetti Venice building design by Carlo Scarpa Architect Olivetti restoration Venice Negozio Olivetti Venice Olivetti museum Venice
photographs : Mirta Baratto

‘Negozio Olivetti’ – design restored as a museum.

Venice showroom and store commissioned by Adriano Olivetti.

Olivetti Venice  design by Carlo Scarpa Architect Olivetti restoration Venice Negozio Olivetti Venice Olivetti museum Venice
photographs : Mirta Baratto

The showroom reopened to the public in April 2011.

This Carlo Scarpa building is now occupied by a collection of typewriters and calculators donated by Olivetti.

Entry is €5 at time of writing.

Olivetti Venice Olivetti restoration Venice design by Carlo Scarpa Architect
photographs : Mirta Baratto

Key Projects by this Architect

Major Building by this 20th Century Italian architect:

Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy
Dates built: 1959-73
Castelvecchio Museum design by Carlo Scarpa Architect
photo © David Lawson
Castelvecchio Museum – Museo Civico di Castelvecchio, Verona, northern Italy

Major Buildings by Carlo Scarpa, alphabetical:

Banco Populare, Verona

Querini Foundation, Venice, Italy

Museu Canoviano, Possagno, Italy

More buildings by Carlo Scarpa online soon

Location: Venice, north east Italy, southern Europe

Castelvecchio Museum:
Castelvecchio Museum Verona design by Carlo Scarpa Architect
photo © David Lawson

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Carlo Scarpa was a major influence on architect Richard Murphy

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