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24 Jan 2017

A-CERO – Latest Designs

Arquitectura España

A-CERO Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Camarines House in Madrid, Spain
Two parallel planes in a totally vertical line go through the construction as a double architectural skin that turns into the residence´s leitmotif. The house is developed around this axis by a group of linked cubes making a harmonic series of volumes.

SV House in Seville, Spain
SV House
photo from architects studio
1 Feb 2016
This new single-family house is located in the south of Spain. A recent work designed this time in more orthogonal shapes but following the criteria of the architectural studio.

Balcony House, Madrid, Spain – 29 Aug 2013
Balcony House Madrid
photo from architects firm
This single family house has an area of 952 sqm arranged on 3 levels and seated on an independent plot of 2,000 sqm with a prime location in a natural environment, and only 14km from the city center.

Moka House, Madrid, Spain
Moka House Madrid
photo : Luis H. Segovia
Moka House – 23 May 2013
A-cero presents a reform project of a house on the outskirts of Madrid. The project is intended to respond to customer needs in terms of distribution, placement and surfaces. Housing is developed on 3 levels, willing to 3 different levels. It has sought the perfect functioning of housing in relation to the needs of the property to adapt to an average gradient field and turning the main rooms of the communal areas of the development, looking for a better use of the views and use of free plot surface.

B&N House, Madrid, Spain
B&N House Madrid
photo from architects office
B&N House Madrid – 21 May 2013
This is one of the latest projects of single – family detached house by this Spanish architecture studio. It is a comprehensive reform of existing home whose owners found the need to reform both externally and internally to update its image. This is a magnificent home originally, but had charged over time both aesthetically and functionally needed a change. The work focuses on two points. Providing housing for renewed external image and create a modern interior full of light.

Madrid House, Spain
Madrid Residence Vivienda en Madrid Property
photo from architects
A-CERO Architects : Vivienda en Madrid – 20 Aug 2012
Presentamos uno de los últimos proyectos de vivienda unifamiliar del estudio A-cero que dirigen Joaquín Torres y Rafael Llamazares.
Es una vivienda situada en un conjunto residential en el Norte de Madrid. En una parcela con forma rectangular de 2.800 m2 bastante arbolada con pinos y encinas. Se pretende la conservación de estas especies mediterráneas y se proyecta la vivienda para convivir con ellas llegándose incluso a abrazar en alguna parte de la fachada.

A-cero – Recent Designs

Housing in Mera-La Coruña, Spain
Mera Housing
picture from architects practice
Housing in Mera

Pozuelo de Alarcón House, Madrid, Spain
Pozuelo de Alarcón housing
photograph from architects studio
Pozuelo de Alarcón House

Concrete House II, Madrid, Spain
Concrete House Madrid
photo from architects studio
A-CERO design – Concrete House

House 4, Madrid, Spain
Madrid House
photo : Luis Segovia
A-cero Madrid design : House 4

A-cero Buildings + Projects

Major Designs by A-CERO architects, alphabetical:

108 Housing, Madrid, Spain
New House Madrid
photo : Santiago Cobreros
108 Housing Madrid

Cumayasa Residential Estate, Dominican Republic
Cumayasa Residential Complex
picture from architecture studio
Cumayasa complex

Heart of Europe, ‘The World’, Dubai, UAE
The World Dubai
picture from architects
The World Dubai

House in Somosaguas, Madrid, Spain
Somosaguas House Madrid
photograph from architect
Casa Somosaguas

Mutua Madrilena Tower, Madrid, Spain
Cesar Pelli; interior : A-cero
Mutua Madrilena
picture from architects studio
Mutua Madrilena Tower

Nebula International Ideas Competition, Dubai, UAE
Nebula Dubai building
picture from architects office
Nebula Dubai building

Ponte Caldelas Hotel, Pontevedra, Spain
Ponte Caldelas Hotel Pontevedra
picture from architects studio
Pontevedra building

Wave Tower Dubai proposal, UAE
Wave Tower
picture from architects
Dubai tower

More Spanish architecture projects by A-Cero online soon

Oficina en las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
Oficina en las Rozas
photo from architects firm
Madrid office interior

Location: Madrid, Spain

Architects Practice Information

A-Cero Architects
Spanish design studio directed by Joaquin Torres and partner Rafael Llamazares

Spanish Architect Office : A-CERO Architects contact details

The architects describe their studio thus:

“Rafael Llamazares y Joaquín Torres constituyen el equipo de arquitectura conocido como A-cero.

En sus inicios como arquitectos, admiran a los clásicos, a Le Corbusier desde luego, y a Mies, pero sienten una especial atracción por la arquitectura minimalista de John Pawson y siguen a maestros españoles como Ignacio Vicens y José Antonio Ramos. La casa de las Matas de estos últimos les influirá de un modo decisivo”.

source: http://www.a-cero.com/index.php/es/origen-acero/estudio-arquitectura

Architect offices in Madrid, Spain + Dubai, UAE

A-cero Book
A-CERO WORKS 1996-2006

A-cero Book A-cero Book image
pictures from architect

Joaquin Torres, head architect of A-cero, an architecture, interior and urban design practice based in Spain, presents a book showcasing the best works made by the firm in its first ten years.

The material featured in this publication includes early projects such as the geometrically pure houses that gave the firm its name in Spain, a cubic marble mausoleum or a concrete building for the university of A Coruña, the first competition won by the then young firm created by a group of students, eager to carry out their vision of architecture. An idea where the bounds between architecture and sculpture are blurred, creating buildings at once functional and expressive.

These ideals and engagement of the early days is still present in a firm that has gone through a great growth, working on projects all around the globe, in places like Santo Domingo or Dubai, where they have recently opened an office.

The hardcover book presents architecture, interior, industrial and furniture design projects made between 1996 and 2006 in nine chapters, widely illustrated with plans and photographs.

The book is already in display in selected bookstores in Spain and will be soon available through the firm’s website and the principal online book shops.

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