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3XN Building News

3XN Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

8 Nov 2018
New Fish Market, Blackwattle Bay, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Architects: 3XN
Sydney Fish Market
image © 3XN
Sydney Fish Market by 3XN
The harbour’s edge is dotted with landmarks that showcase its rare natural beauty and reinforce its relevance around the world – Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Woolloomooloo Wharf, Jones Bay Wharf, Barangaroo, and Darling Harbour.

25 Sep 2018
Climatorium in Lemvig, Jutland, Denmark
Architects: 3XN
Climatorium in Lemvig Jutland
image courtesy of architects
Climatorium in Lemvig by 3XN
As a forum for knowledge, education, innovation and development projects, this new Jutland building will help establish Lemvig and the Central Denmark Region as a center of climate change adaptation.

22 Apr 2018
Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium, Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium Vienna Building
rendering : 3XN
Schönbrunn Zoo Aquarium
The design for an aquarium by 3XN and GERNER GERNER PLUS manifests itself as elegant, simple and mysterious, lying across the landscape like a great veil.

3XN Receives Final City Approval for Quay Quarter Tower, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Quay Quarter Tower
image from 3XN
Quay Quarter Tower – 31 Dec 2015
The 200m-high tower comprises five shifting glass volumes stacked upon each other. Rather than face directly into the adjacent building, AMP’s 33 Alfred Street, the lower levels of the tower angle west to capture the energy and movement from the surrounding neighborhood.

Blaa Planet, Copenhagen, Denmark – World Architecture Festival Award news – 3 Oct 2013
Blaa Planet Building
photo from 3XN
This major new Danish building has won the Display Award at the prestigious World Architecture Festival. The WAF judges said about the amazing Blue Planet building, “It deals successfully with the site and finds opportunity where there is little context.”

DHWB University Building, Stuttgart, Germany – 11 Jul 2013
DHWB University Building Stuttgart
image from architect
3XN’s vision to create an open, inspiring and social learning environment for a new technical faculty wins competition with 25 entries. It is the ambition that the new building for the technical faculty of the German university Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) is to be a lighthouse project for academic learning – an innovative and productive learning environment in which students, teachers and industry representatives can meet.

UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark
Design: 3XN
United Nations Head Office Copenhagen
photo : Adam Mørk
UN City – 3 Jul 2013
The new regional head office of the United Nations is designed with clear references to the UN’s identity and values: It is a building that physically reaches out to all parts the world, while the sculptural staircase in its core reflects the UN’s work to create global dialogue.

Blue Planet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Blue Planet Aquarium Building
photo from 3XN
Blue Planet – 27 Nov 2012
The Blue Planet will be Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. Architecturally, the aquarium is shaped like a whirlpool, giving associations to eddies of fish, birds and sea currents. The building is in Copenhagen, at the island of Amager, close to the Copenhagen Airport, and viewed from a plane the whirlpool shape will be shown in full.

Stockholm City Station, Sweden
Design: 3XN Architects
Stockholm City Station
image : 3XN
3XN Architects – latest design. 29 Aug 2012
‘Stockholm City Station’ will mark the entrance to Stockholm’s inner city center and integrates the station, a hotel and conference center along with apartments. The main idea behind the design was to create a building that gently adjusts to the area’s existing building in scale and expression, and which reinterprets a number of local Swedish design traditions.

Copenhagen Arena, Denmark – winning design news
Architects: 3XN
Copenhagen Arena
image © 3XN
Copenhagen Arena – 7 Jun 2012
A team of 3XN, HKS Architects, Arup, ME Engineers and Planit has won the design competition for the new Copenhagen Arena, which will be situated in the Ørestad-area a short metro ride from the city center of Denmark’s capital. The project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015.

Buen, Mandal, Norway
Mandal Building
photo © Adam Mørk
Buen Mandal – 3 May 2012
Historic white wooden houses, charming narrow streets, a river running though the center and beach and forest nearby. The town of Mandal is the essence of southern Norwegian idyll. Danish practice, 3XN, has designed the town’s new cultural center, a project which required great sensitivity to the town’s special environment.

City Hall + Cultural Center in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
3XN Architects
Cultural Center Nieuwegein
photo © Adam Mørk
City Hall + Cultural Center in Nieuwegein – 26 Mar 2012
The new City Hall and cultural center in the Dutch city of Nieuwegein, is designed to create cohesion and the foundation for a stronger local community.

NOMA Lab, Copenhagen, Denmark
GXN (Innovation Unit of 3XN)
NOMA Lab building
picture : Adam Mørk
NOMA Restaurant – 29 Feb
Interior by 3XN for NOMA Restaurant’s food lab unites the creative worlds of gastronomy and architecture in a modern expression of the Nordic aesthetic.

Uppsala University Building, eastern Sweden
Uppsala University Building
image from architects
Uppsala University Building – 23 Feb
Uppsala University has more than 500 years’ of history and thus is one of Sweden’s most established institutions, complete with traditions and an esteemed regard. At the same time, the University is known as a modern institution for world class research and higher education. Thus, the vision for the new University Building is to bridge the past and the future by creating synergy between location, expression and layout.

KPMG Headquarters, Frederiksberg Copenhagen, Denmark
KPMG Copenhagen Building
picture : Adam Mørk
KPMG Headquarters Copenhagen – 2 Feb 2012
A balance between a thoughtful blending into the surrounding scale and an elegant, yet significant expression has been the driving thought behind Danish practice 3XN’s design of the new Copenhagen Headquarters for accountancy and consultancy firm, KPMG. The company is certain that their new building gives them the right settings and environment to achieve future growth.

Green Solution House, Bornholm, Denmark
3XN with William McDonough + Partners
Green Solution House
image from architects
Green Solution House – 13 Jan 2012
Danish practice 3XN is the architect behind a new experimental conference center and hotel where everything is adapted to the circulation of nature and where guests will get an idea of how it feels to live in a world without waste.

11 Oct 2011

3XN – 25th Anniversary

Architect behind the Museum of Liverpool celebrates 25th Anniversary of studio, 3XN
Museum of Liverpool Building
photo © Philip Handforth
3XN Architects
Throughout the years, The Danish Architecture Studio 3XN has built a profile focusing on the humanity and environment at the center of its architecture.

On the occasion of the anniversary 3XN has created a short film : 3XN

3XN Architects – Recent Buildings

Museum of Liverpool, England
Museum of Liverpool Building
photo © Philip Handforth
Museum of Liverpool – 19 Jul 2011
The new Museum of Liverpool is largest newly-built national museum in Britain for more than a century. The new Museum of Liverpool, opening on July 19th will not only tell the story of its importance as one of the World’s great ports or about its cultural influence, such as with the Beatles phenomenon. It will also serve as a meeting point for History, the People of Liverpool and visitors from around the globe. Therefore, according to the Architect, Kim Herforth Nielsen, the structure functions as much more than just a Building or a Museum.

Bella Sky Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark – news update
Bella Hotel
image : 3XN

National Concert Hall Dublin, Ireland. 24 Feb
Concert Hall Dublin
image : 3XN

Swedbank Headquarters, Sweden. 21 Feb
Swedbank Headquarters
image : 3XN

Major Projects by 3XN

Buildings by 3XN, alphabetical:

The Music Building – Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
photo © Adrian Welch
Muziekgebouw Amsterdam : Best Building in the Netherlands Award 2006

Saxo Bank Building, Hellerup, Copenhagen
Saxo Bank Building
photograph : Adam Mørk © 3XN
Saxo Bank Building

Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tivoli Concert Hall
photograph from 3XN
Tivoli Concert Hall

Ørestad Gymnasium, Copenhagen, Denmark
Orestad College Building
photo : Adam Mørk
Orestad College : 3XN nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award 2009

More 3XN Architecture online soon

Location:København, Denmark ‘

3XN – Practice Information

3XN A/S based in Copenhagen, Denmark – 3xn@3xn.dk

3XN Architects : Danish Architecture Studio

Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN
Kim Herforth Nielsen
photo from 3XN

3XN – Studio

Architecture is creative futurology. That is why we always try to understand the context in which we build – the physical surroundings as well as the social, cultural and historical context in general. It is a process that is ultimately about the people who will live in the buildings for many years to come. This dialogue often continues long after construction is complete.

Kim Herforth Nielsen
image from 3XN

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