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Wenslauerstraat Amsterdam : Wooden Houses

Contemporary Dutch Residential building – design by M3H architecten

30 Sep 2013

Wenslauerstraat Huizen

Wooden Houses, Wenslauer Street

Design: M3H architecten

Wooden Houses, Wenslauer Street 65-69, Amsterdam

Wenslauerstraat Huizen Amsterdam: Dutch wooden houses

Photos: Tobias Bader

For the past decade, Wenslauer Street in the Amsterdam Bellamy neighbourhood has been undergoing a metamorphosis. In collaboration with the city council, the Stadgenoot housing corporation and various individuals, architects and small developers, a dozen dwellings have been renovated, and more than ten old houses have been demolished and replaced by new buildings.

Wenslauerstraat Huizen Amsterdam: Dutch wooden houses

Wenslauerstraat Huizen Amsterdam: Dutch wooden houses

The Bellamy neighbourhood is a neighbourhood where living and working have always been mixed, leading to a wide variety of buildings in the area. In 2011, M3H restored a house and built a new ‘steel’ house. In 2013, five M3H-designed dwellings have been built: two houses with gardens and three small apartments.

Wenslauerstraat Huizen Amsterdam: Dutch wooden houses

The ensemble consists of three wooden houses carefully integrated into the profile of Wenslauer Street. The houses are abstract in detail and have a self-assured look that suits the street’s diversity.

Wenslauerstraat Huizen Amsterdam: Dutch wooden houses

The facades and sloping roofs are covered with untreated FSC certified Sucupira Amarela wood. The project was commissioned by Sticks & Stones Developments Ltd., and built by Structure Ltd.

Wenslauerstraat Huizen Amsterdam: Dutch wooden houses

M3H is an architecture firm in Amsterdam. Situated in a former garage in the city’s centre, our team of ten designers has been working with the urban environment since 1995.

Wooden Houses, Wenslauer Street
photograph : Allard van der Hoek

Wooden Houses, Wenslauer Street – Building Information

Project Title: Wooden Houses, Wenslauer Street 65-69
Client: Sticks & Stones Developments Ltd.
Architect: M3H architecten
Site area: 323 sqm
Gross Floor area: 440 sqm
Location: Wenslauer Street 65-69, Amsterdam (NL)
Project start date: 2012 (start construction)
Project completion: Mar 2013
Cost: 400.000 euro
Collaborators: Tobias Bader, Wouter Kroeze, Marc Reniers, Machiel Spaan

Wooden Houses, Wenslauer Street Amsterdam
photo : Allard van der Hoek

Wooden Houses on Wenslauer Street images / information from M3H architecten

Location: Wenslauerstraat 65-69, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, northern Europe

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