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The Boetzelaer, Amsterdam

Contemporary Dutch Residential Building design by M3H architecten

13 Jan 2014

The Boetzelaer, Amsterdam Residential Building

New Rental Units for the elderly + Units for Commercial Use

rental units for the elderly + commercial units + underground parking garage

Design: M3H architecten, The Netherlands

Amsterdam’s Staatsliedenbuurt is a former working-class neighbourhood with a great deal of social housing that was established in about 1900. The architectural quality of the original buildings often left much to be desired, and many of the old buildings have been replaced. M3H built a housing project earlier in this area, on Van Beuningen Street.

The Boetzelaer

The Boetzelaer is a new building designed for the corner of Boetzelaer Square, Fannius Scholten Street and Hogendorp Street, containing 47 new rental units for the elderly, two corner units for commercial use and an underground parking garage.

The Boetzelaer

The façade is composed of brick columns braced by horizontal steel beams, and, like its original, reveals its structural engineering, fabrication and its differing elements. French balconies and air vents are carefully shaped steel elements that enliven the exterior.

The Boetzelaer

The corners and entrances of the building are distinct and great attention has been given to the details of windows, doors, railings, dormers, French balconies and grates. Each housing unit is wheelchair accessible via an arcade on the courtyard side. Here the steel construction and wooden floors create an informal atmosphere.

The Boetzelaer

The arcades have been widened at the entrances to each apartment so that they can be used as meeting and outdoor spaces. The new building is a contemporary interpretation of its late nineteenth-century surroundings and has a vibrant and contemporary look. The renovation of the building, together with a newly designed playground, gives the neighbourhood a boost.

The Boetzelaer

M3H is an architecture firm in Amsterdam. Situated in a former garage in the city’s centre, a team of ten designers has been working with the urban environment since 1995.

The Boetzelaer Amsterdam – Building Information

Project Team: Jeroen Caderius van Veen, Wouter Kroeze, Marc Reniers, Machiel Spaan, Koosjan van der Velden
Project Title: The Boetzelaer, Amsterdam
Location: Boetzelaer Square, Fannius Scholten Street and Hogendorp Street, Amsterdam
Client: Ymere Ontwikkeling, Amsterdam
Structural design: Berkhout Tros, Alkmaar
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Van den Hengel, Zoest

Site area: 1377 m2
Gross Floor area: 5.627 m2
Cost: 4.800.000 euro
Start of construction: 2012
Ending of construction: 2013

The Boetzelaer, Amsterdam images / information from M3H architecten

Location: Boetzelaer Square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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