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Flying Colors Residence in Phoenix

Contemporary Property USA design by The Ranch Mine.

Dec 15, 2014

Design: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Architects: The Ranch Mine

Home Renovation Leads to Self-Discovery

Clients’ of The Ranch Mine, a national award-winning Phoenix design firm comprised of Cavin and Claire Costello, testify that the renovation of their house was an effort in self-discovery evident only after the completion of the project.

Flying Colors Residence in Phoenix, Arizona

Photos by Jason + Anna Photography

Flying Colors Residence

The homeowners’ original program included massive ballistic metal doors, impenetrable walls, and shatterproof windows, not your standard requests, but The Ranch Mine was not deterred by this challenge and redesigned the concrete block fortress to be able to achieve high-profile security without sacrificing inspired domestic warmth and comfort. At its heart there now features a floating centerpiece, a “stage for living,” that brings both intimacy and interest to the once stark great room.

The “stage for living” is a modern nod to the sitcoms of the 1990s, with its 3 solid walls and open 4th wall, creating a tongue-in-cheek yet recognizable form in the oversized great space. Making your way atop the structure via an integrated steel tube ladder rewards you with a 360 degree view of Phoenix’s distinct mountain ranges, glorious sunsets, and of course the growing skyline of America’s 6th largest city.

Bold color choices are a nod to the homeowners’ favorite coffee brand (although he would never admit it.) The interior elements of city loft living are in radical contrast to the peaceful, almost spiritual surrounding farm lands. This combination may not be well suited for your average “McMansion” owner, but really, isn’t that the point? They didn’t want the cookie cutter, they wanted the cake, and yes… they’ll probably eat some too.

The ubiquitous granite in the existing bathrooms and kitchen was moved to another project and in its place pure white quartz countertops and linear strips of color transformed stale bathrooms into spa-like retreats.

In the end, a renovation effort sparked by fear of societal collapse birthed a self discovery story about a couple who learned through artistic collaboration and a new found connection to the serenity of their surroundings, who they really are beneath it all. Bold, loving, free spirited artists who follow their hearts and make no apologies. To The Ranch Mine, a successful design is a design that allows you to become more of who you are, to embrace the “I Am ___” mantra, and to create a style from lifestyle. Some might say this design exceeded all expectations with Flying Colors.

Flying Colors Residence in Phoenix – Building Information

House name: Flying Colors
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Designer: The Ranch Mine
General Contractor: Patry Building Co.

Photographs: Jason + Anna Photography

Flying Colors Residence in Phoenix information / images from The Ranch Mine, USA

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

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