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Abidjan Tower in the Ivory Coast

21 Apr 2022

Architecture: Paulo Merlini Architects

Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa

Abidjan Tower Ivory Coast

Images: SA Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Abidjan Tower, West Africa

TheAbidjan Tower is a building of sculptural character that dances on itself, taking advantage of the views of the surrounding lagoon.

Abidjan Tower Ivory Coast

With two apartments per floor and surrounding balconies, the building developed for the upper class is a milestone that defines the start of the masterplan development for this part of the city.

Earth School, West Africa – Building Information

Architecture: Paulo Merlini Architects – https://paulomerlini.com/

Project name: Abidjan Tower
Project location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Height: 50m
Tools used: Revit
Principal architect: Paulo Merlini
Design team: Paulo Merlini, André Silva
Design year: 2014
Built area: 3000 sqm
Site area: 960 sqm

Client: Private
Status: Unbuilt
Typology: Residential Building

Abidjan Tower Ivory Coast

Visualization: SA Digital Technology Co., Ltd

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Location: near Dakar, Ivory Coast, West Africa

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