UKRBUD Kiev Offices Building Interior, Ukraine

UKRBUD Kiev Offices Building Design, New Ukraine HQ Building Photos

UKRBUD Kiev Offices Building

Contemporary Interior in Ukraine for Home builder design by AVG group Architects

14 Dec 2018

Design: AVG group, Architects

New office interiors for Ukraine real estate developer company

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

UKRBUD Offices Building in Kyiv

UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine

Photos by Andrey Avdeenko

UKRBUD Kyiv Offices Building Interior

The project of UKRBUD’s interiors project was developing during 8 months. The designing and realization of the project took place during this period. The total area of the project is 2200 sqm.

Work over the project includes the developing of the concept, visualization of the main locations, creating of all necessary sketches, drawings and author’s supervision. 18 architects and designers of AVG group were working on the project.

UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine

The building where the main office of UKRBUD is situated, is more than 60 years old. The design project also implies some renovation of it. The definite inconveniences were caused by the old inner construction of the building, crooked surfaces, disparity between the floor’s levels. Together with engineers all variants of attachment devices were designed, the bone-structure was strengthened and the frequency of cramps’ installation was calculated.

UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine

These means were conducted because of ramshackle condition of the building. It hasn’t given a possibility to implement all the design concepts. Still the main aims were reached – all departments were located logically and the innovational multifunctional office was designed.

UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine

The designers used the record quantity of the materials – 1500 sq.m. of laminam and 586 l.m. of LED strips. LED strips underline the sharp geometry of the space and they help to define different zones of the flagship showroom.

UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine

On the ground floor, there is an advertising zone. Here the company presents all the materials about the dwelling complexes and UKRBUD’s partner – system of the smart house CLAP. One wall consists of 9 ultra-thin LED monitors where one can see all the projects of UKRBUD. At night the windows of the ground floor transform into screens where the passers-by can see UKRBUD’s projects. On the ground floor the space of the virtual reality is also situated.

UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine

The designers used the Italian porcelain stoneware Laminam for the corridors and the public spaces of the 1st, 3nd, 3d and the 4th floors. Columns and party the walls are covered with the enamelled glass, emalit of black color. For the floor they have chosen also porcelain stoneware COPACABANA with brutal texture, tiles Desso and Barlinek.

All decorations and materials create the image of the dynamic innovative company.

UKRBUD Kiev Offices building interior Ukraine

AVG Group
15 Sobornosti ave., 02160 Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 (044) 227 12 94
[email protected]

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

UKRBUD Kiev Offices Building images / information received Dec 2018 from AVG group

Ukrbud – Ukrayinsʹka Derzhavna Budivelʹna Korporatsiya

Address: Vulytsya Yevhena Sverstyuka, 23, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Phone: +380 44 379 4695

Website: Ukrbud Kyiv, Ukraine

Location: Vulytsya Yevhena Sverstyuka, 23, Kiev, Ukraine, 02000

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