Top 5 Romantic Spots in Ukraine Guide, Beautiful Architecture, Getaway Tips

Top 5 Romantic Spots in Ukraine

14 August 2020

Top 5 Romantic Spots in Ukraine

Ukraine boasts some of the most beautiful architecture, romantic spots across the world. We have listed the top 5 Ukraine destinations to enjoy a romantic getaway with single Ukraine ladies, including the estimated rent prices.

  1. Ternopil,
  2. Odessa,
  3. The Danube,
  4. Ivano-Frankivsk,
  5. Vinnytsia.

Enjoy a Signature Experience in Ternopil

This city is popular for its unique beauty, particularly during autumn. The city-park offers signature experience at some of the most beautiful sights in the world such as the castle palace, the Ternopil pond, the Topilche Hydropark, T. Shevchenko Park, as well as the historical location- the Museum of Political Prisoners and Victims of Communist Regime.

This Goldenbride-endorsed romantic city is situated at the center of two beautiful islands, the Island of Love and the Island of Separation. A small bridge connects the park to the Island of Love. A gazebo enclosed by willows is strategically positioned at the center of the island. A particularly romantic spot for lovers is the romantic shops situated under the branches of the Willow.

The cost of renting a 1 room apartment in Ternopil is about 370 UAH daily.

Explore Odessa

Regardless of the time or season, Odessa is exceptionally beautiful as evident by the influx of visitors all year round. The romantic ambiance is evident throughout the city and you can experience just by walking through the popular Odessa courtyards.

To enjoy a better time with your better half, enjoy a hearty meal at the numerous restaurants and cafes on Deribasovskaya Street, enjoy the finest ice-cream on Primorsky Boulevard, visit Langeron beach, and take a walk on the legendary Potemkin Stairs. You can also revel in the beauty of the Black Sea at the foot of the Potemkin Stairs.

To rent a one-room apartment in Odessa, you’ll have to pay 445 UAH daily.

Take a Boat Trip across the Danube

Vylkove is popularly called “The Ukrainian Venice”, both cities share a similarity in the abundance of water channels. Enjoy a trip on the ’river taxi’ across the bank of Danube, take a trip to the beautiful Ermakov Island, explore the culture and culinary dishes in Lipovans, take a tour across. You can make your journey more memorable by visiting Kvakenburg to enjoy Vylkove’s famous fresh fish soup and other cultural delights.

The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Vylkove is around 550 UAH per day.

Enjoy Ivano-Frankivsk

When you take a trip to Ivano-Frankivsk, it’s possible for you to visit all the beautiful architecture in the city within 2 days. Enjoy a walk on the popular Strometrovka, visit the Museum of Family Professions, the Bastion, and the Potocki Castle, and enjoy tasteful cuisines at some of the best pizzerias and restaurants.

Rent a one-room apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk for 400 UAH daily.

Visit the Iconic Water Tower in Vinnytsia

This exceptional city offers a unique opportunity to see the iconic Vinnytsia water tower, enjoy the finest coffee in central park, and the historic sites including Vinnytsia Mury, Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, and St. Nicholas Wooden Church. You’re sure to be impressed by the neatness and warmness of the city.

To experience an unforgettable cultural immersion in the city, check out the Multimedia Fountain Roshen Swan Lake which offers a laser and music show.

The cost of an apartment in Vinnytsia is 450 UAH per day.

Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon, having a marriage proposal, or simply looking to enjoy a wonderful time with your loved one, there are numerous beautiful places to visit in Ukraine. We have only looked at a few of these beautiful places, there’s an endless list of places to enjoy a romantic getaway in Ukraine. Start exploring together with your significant other.

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