Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail Center: Auchan + Galaxy

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Lavina Mall Shops, Ukraine Retail Building, Galaxy entertainment center, Shopping Center Photos

Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail

Shopping center Auchan + indoor entertainment center Galaxy, Ukraine buildings design by AVG architecture

5 Feb 2018

Lavina Mall Kiev Retail Building

Architects: AVG architecture

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail

Winner of various international awards including shortlisting in Best Retail Interior Europe (4th of December 2017), plus a Best Retail Interior Ukraine nomination.

The shopping and entertainment center Lavina Mall was opened on the 1st of December 2016.

It is a unique space which concept, style and design was created and realized by the team of AVG group of companies. AVG includes AVG design, AVG architecture and AVG construction. The group of 12 architects and designers worked over the project constantly.

Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail

Lavina Mall has united under one roof shops, shopping center Auchan, the biggest in Ukraine indoor entertainment center Galaxy, biggest in Ukraine indoor fountain, restaurants, cafes, cinema center Multiplex with 12 halls.

The project was realized in the empty old hangar. The challenges were the following:

– To dispose all necessary facilities under one roof,
– To reflect the visual image of Lavina (eng. – “avalanche”),
– To combine the visual image of avalanche with the futuristic design of the entertainment complex Galaxy,
– To create the design of the fountain in collaboration with the professionals from Italy.

Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail Center

Texton Foiltec was used first in Ukraine in Lavina Mall. Texton Foiltec is transparent plastic cushions filled with air. It was chosen because it is durable, strong and helps to manage the lighting inside the building – to protect from the natural light when it is too sunny and to create the artificial blackout and not to provide the space with the supporting columns in the center of the big atrium.

Also in this projects the unique construction decision was realized – the first time in Ukraine the columns of GRP were created of 11 meters height. Before that the maximum height of the realized objectsof GRP was 4 meters.

On the 26th of October 2017 the project of Lavina Mall was awarded as the best one in Ukraine in Best Retail Interior Ukraine nomination and it became the nominator in Best Retail Interior Europe category. On the 4th of December 2017, the project of Lavina Mall was awarded as Best Retail Interior Europe.

Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail – Building Information

GBA: 140 000 sqm
GLA: 115 000 sqm
Space of the entertainment complex Galaxy – 20 000 sqm
Number of the shops – 500
Space of the fountain – 175 sqm

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Lavina Mall Kyiv

Address: Vulytsya Berkovetsʹka, 6Д, Kiev, Ukraine, 04128
Phone: +380 44 333 4612

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