Bloom Accessory Store, Ha Noi, Vietnam

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Bloom Accessory Store at Indochina Plaza, Ha Noi

21 July 2023

Design: Mamoru Maeda

Location: 241 Xuân Thủy, Dịch Vọng Hậu, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Bloom Store Vietnam

Photos by Trieu Chien

Bloom Accessory Store, Ha Noi

Bloom Store Vietnam
About the inspiration of the project and the key concept

The concept is “an old Northern European house”.

The gentle texture of the wood grain creates femininity. In addition, the warmth of the natural materials also gives a sense of loveliness.

The boards made of natural materials deteriorate over time and change into a new charm with the image of “an old Japanese-style house”.

This changing is the greatest charm of natural materials.

The country-like feeling is what expresses the sense of calmness that lies deep within our hearts.
We thought that this soothing feeling is what makes it a “healing” space.

Bloom Store Vietnam

Also, white was chosen as the base color, in order to avoid disturbing the accessories, which are the main feature of the space.

Since the main target is women from 20s to 30s, we did not want to create an image of a high-end jewelry store, but rather a gentle SHOP where customers can come casually without getting all uptight.

About the difficulties we faced and some initial setbacks

In Vietnam, the management of MALL facilities is still very lax, and people often give their opinions in a haphazard manner.
In addition, the drawings provided by the client and the site often have considerable differences.

Bloom Store Vietnam

This project was no exception, and there were many changes from what was described previously, including zoning and operations. The initial environmental design provided by MALL was also quite different from the actual site, so we had to work hard to reconsider the harmony and balance between the two.

In addition, fire laws change rapidly in Vietnam, so it was very difficult for us to deal with these changes each time.
However, in the end, I think it turned out to be quite a good change

Bloom Store Vietnam

Bloom Accessory Store in Ha Noi, Vietnam – Building Information

Bloom Store Vietnam

Architecture firm: SEMBA VIETNAM
Office Website:
Social Media:
Firm Location: 3F, Secoin Building, No.9 D2 Street, Saigon Pearl, 92 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

Principal architect: Mamoru Maeda
Contact email: [email protected]

Built area: Indochina Plaza Ha Noi (1F)
Site area: 37.5 square m

Bloom Store Vietnam

Photography: Trieu Chien (Mr.)

Tools used software used for drawing, modeling, rendering postproduction and photography : Auto cad , photoshop , illustrator , 3Dmax , Sketch up

Design team: Mamoru Maeda

Interior design: SEMBA VIETNAM (Mamoru Maeda)
Design year: February /2023
Completion year: June /2023
Environmental and MEP engineering: SEMBA VIETNAM
Lighting: Olympia Lighting Vietnam Co.,Ltd
Construction: TSUBASA. Co., ltd
Supervision: Tran Nhan Hoang


Materials: tile / steel / natural wood / paint / Laminate
Floor: Ceramic tile
Counter: Natural wood + Laminate
Wall: Nnature wood + paint
Ceiling: painting
Lighting fixtures: steel flame / olympia

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Location: Vietnam, Southeast Asia

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