House in The Beach, Toronto Residential Development, Canadian Architecture

House in The Beach, Toronto

Residence in Ontario, Canada – design by Drew Mandel Architects

20 Jun 2014

Toronto Semi-detached House

Design: Drew Mandel Architects

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

House in The Beach, Toronto

Prior to its recent renovation and addition, the clients lived in this 100 year old, semi-detached, Beach-neighbourhood house for twelve years. Their work as fashion photographer and model took them around the world to stylish architectural sites which served as inspiration for this well-worn residence. While wanting to update the house to better reflect who they are and how they live, the clients also wanted the house to reinforce the existing fabric of the street by respectfully re-inventing both the exterior and the interior.

House in the Beach Toronto 1

Although it lacks a classic beach charm, the house has an elusive quality of heart and soul which the project team tried to uphold. Looking closely at the brick lines relative to the right angle of the new box window in the image of the front façade, the house leans to, or yearns for, the lake. It is that sense of an ideosychrotic personality that defines this custom home renovation, as opposed to merely emulating a generic boutique hotel-like space.

House in the Beach Toronto 2

Small moments strive to accommodate and celebrate the personality of the owners, the history of the house, and the process of its re-making: the open shelving for rotating personal objects of affection, the mobile kitchen island on wheels, the exposed steel support brackets at the junction of new and old structure, shop notes on the raw steel custom fi replace surround, old brick piers incorporated into the new entry assembly.

House in the Beach Toronto 3

The scope of the project involves a new entry, re-invented façade, and a ground floor plan opened for access to light and space for contemporary family life. The basement is finished as useable space and occasionally acts as a suite. The second and third floor bedroom and bathroom spaces are also re-finished.

House in the Beach Toronto 4

A small rear addition on the ground floor allows for a new space with natural light, a distinct ceiling height, and a previously-absent connection to the rear yard.

House in the Beach Toronto 5

The existing house is a very common Toronto house type: A semi-detached, three-story residence with a finished basement, front pad parking, and a private backyard.

House in the Beach Toronto 6

While wanting to update the house to better reflect who they are and how they live, the home-owners did not necessarily want an unrecognizable or unreasonably large new house.

Ontario House in the Beach 1

Refreshingly, they cherished the idea of a small, stylish and cozy home where the family can scrunch up on the sofa to be together.

Ontario House in the Beach 2

House in the Beach – Building Information

House In The Beach
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupancy: 2012
Area: 2139 sf. + basement

Chris Nichols, Lorca Moore and family

Drew Mandel Architects

Drew Mandel, Rachel Tameirao, Jowenne Poon, Caroline Howes

Blackwell Engineering

MILWWORK: David O’Sullivan
WINDOWS: Bauhaus Fine Windows and Doors
STONE TILE: Stone Tile International Inc.
GLASS: Precision Glass
STAIRS: Global Railing Inc.
WOOD FLOORING: The Rosewood Flooring Inc.
PLUMBING FIXTURES: Bath City (Beaches location)
HARDWARE: Richelieu

House in the Beach Toronto 1 – 6 © Shai Gil Fotography
Ontario House in the Beach 1 – 2 © Chris Nicholls

House in the Beach images / information from Drew Mandel Architects

The Beaches (also known as “The Beach”) is a neighbourhood and popular tourist destination located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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