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Japanese Residential Architecture News – archive up to 2012, arranged chronologically:

23 Sep 2012
Mita Residence
Design: YJP architecture + Toyoda and Associates
Mita House
photo : 45g Photography
Contemporary Tokyo House
Mita Residence is situated in central Tokyo on a sloped street which connects a busy commercial artery and a quiet residential area. The typical buildings along the hilly street are larger scale condominium complexes. The challenge was to place the house within bigger scale buildings seamlessly, and at the same time, to ensure a comfortable and spacious living environment on its small lot of just over 100 square meters.

24 Aug 2012
House in Takadanobaba
Design: Florian Busch Architects
House in Takadanobaba
photo : Hiroyasu Sakaguchi – AtoZ
House in Takadanobaba
Not only in the context of a culture so based on the transitoriness of nature, being able to live with the seasons in the middle of today’s Tokyo is true luxury. The site for this private residence is an urban gap left over from relentless sub-divisioning, a 22m deep yet only 4.7m wide strip perched between built masses in central Tokyo.

20 Apr 2012
Storage House, Kanagawa
Design: Ryuji Fujimura Architectts
Storage House Tokyo
photograph : Takumi Ota
Storage House Tokyo
New property located in a residential area on the suburbs of Tokyo.

18 Apr 2012
M&M Rosie‘ – House in Setagaya
Design: ARTechnic architects
M&M Rosie
photo : Nacasa&Pertners Inc.
M&M Rosie
“Overcome the disadvantage of the land condition, turn it into the beauty of the architecture”
When the client found this land, we were asked to give an advice. It was a strip of pentagonal land facing west with only a pair of parallel boundary lines. Because of this land condition, it was valued lower, almost 30% larger than regular priced lands for the same cost.

8 Mar 2012
Small House in Meguro-ku, south of Tokyo
Design: Hiroyuki Unemori architects
Meguro-ku House
photograph : Ken Sasajima
Small House in Meguro-ku
The small house which the married couple and their child live stands at the densely populated area in Tokyo. Though the neighboring houses is very close, I aimed to design the house which exceed the physical narrowness living at the city.

28 Nov 2011
‘Outside In’ – House in Yamanashi Prefecture
Design: Takeshi Hosaka architects

House in Yamanashi Prefecture
photograph : Koji Fujii / Nacasa&Pertners Inc.
Yamanashi House

22 Sep 2011
Roomroom, Itabashi
Design: Takeshi Hosaka Architects
photograph : Koji Fujii / Nacasa&Pertners Inc.
Tokyo residence
This is a house where deaf parents and two children are living. The two sides of the premises are facing narrow roads in an overcrowded residential area in Itabashi ward, Tokyo. The small main building built five years ago became so narrow for dwellers for three generations that they bought a piece of land neighbouring to their house to build an annex.

6 Jun 2011
House in Taishido, Setagaya
Design: Akira Koyama + Key Operation Inc.
House in Taishido
image from architects
New Tokyo House

Tokyo Homes

Key Residences, alphabetical:

B House
Design: Atelier A5

Big Window House, Yokohama
Design: Tezuka Architects

C1 House
Design: Curiosity / Milligram Studio

Chiaroscuro House
Design: Ushida Findlay Architects

Column and Slab House, Tokyo

Design: FT Architects
Column and Slab House
photograph : Koichi Torimura
Column and Slab House

Crystal brick house – housing
Design: Atelier Tekuto
Tokyo Housing
Architect : Yasuhiro Yamashita (Atelier Tekuto) Photographer : Makoto Yoshida
Crystal Brick Housing

Engawa House
Design: Tezuka architects

G House
Design: Jun Aoki, Tokyo

Glass Shutter house, Meguro district
Design: Shigeru Ban

House in a Plum Grove
Design: SANAA

Masahiro Harada + MAO/Mount Fuji Architects Studio, Tokyo

Kazuyasu Kochi / Kochi architect’s Studio, Tokyo

Industrial Designer House
Koji Tsutsui
Tokyo home
photo : Masao Nishikawa
Tokyo home

Juicy House – housing
Atelier Bow-Wow

KA House, Setagaya
Atelier A5

Lotus House, nr Tokyo
Kengo Kuma & Associates

Magritte’s House
Atelier Tekuto

Moriyama House – housing
Ryue Nishizawa

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Ginza
Kisho Kurokawa

New House
Yuko Nagayama & Associates

O Residence
Kisho Kurokawa

Atelier Tekuto
Parabola house
Architect : Yasuhiro Yamashita (Atelier Tekuto) Photographer : Makoto Yoshida
Parabola house

Reflection of Mineral
Atelier Tekuto
Tokyo house
Architect : Yasuhiro Yamashita (Atelier Tekuto) Photographer : Makoto Yoshida
Tokyo house

The Ring House, Karuizawa

Roof house
Tezuka Architects

‘Shelf-Pod house’, Moriguchi City
Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, Kyoto
‘Egg-crate’ personal library

Silver Hut house
Toyo Ito & Associates

Suzuki House

Bolles Wilson

Truss Wall House, Machida-city
Ushida Findlay Architects


Frank la Riviere, Architects inc.
Y House Tokyo
image : Atarashi Ryouta

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