The Ice Cubes Tokyo Store Building

The Ice Cubes, Contemporary Tokyo Design, Shibuya-ku Building, New Japanese Store

The Ice Cubes Tokyo : Shibuya-ku Architecture

Japanese Retail Design by Jun Mitsui&Associates Architects

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The Ice Cubes

Design: Jun Mitsui&Associates Architects

Shibuya-ku Building

This project was commissioned by a Hong Kong-based developer for whom we previously designed two high-end retail projects (in Akasaka and Omotesando). The site constraints, including sky-openness factor (tenku-ritsu) and sun/shadow requirements were very restrictive.

Careful calculations were done to arrive at the best balance of forms while satisfying the regulations and achieving the maximum FAR. By developing the formal strategy as a series of interlocking cubes, we were able to massage the complicated building envelope shape into a dynamic composition.

The Ice Cubes Tokyo

This strategy solved not only the complex building form but also gave the freedom of adjusting the forms according to the additional building programs and structural considerations.

The Ice Cubes Tokyo

An important design requirement was for the cubes to appear feather light and thin. We performed careful studies to make the structure and insulation look as thin as possible. The cube surfaces are covered with a baked ceramic frit pattern on the outer-most surface of the glazing. By doing so, a pure-white cube expression can be achieved. Had the frit been applied on an inner surface, the color of the cubes would have been greenish due to the green tint of the glass.

The Ice Cubes Tokyo

All necessary technical studies for maintenance and durability of the outer-most surface frit pattern were resolved with the manufacturer who was then able to provide a ten year warranty. The resulting image is silky and feathery which attracted the main tenant H&M, a Swedish apparel company who values the high-impact design.

The Ice Cubes Tokyo

The Ice Cubes Tokyo – Building Information

Building Use: Shop, Restaurant

Architect: Jun Mitsui&Associates Architects

Design Team: Jun Mitsui, Yukinobu Nakano, Kentaro Hayashi, Jim Lambiasi, Kazumasa Toku, Naoko Morimoto, Shigeki Irie, Ei Ishiyama

Location: 1-8-10, Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Structure: S structure, SRC structure
Floors: 2 basements, 9 stories ground
Mechanical Engineer: Sogo Consultants
Electrical Engineer: Sogo Consultants
Structural Engineer: Orimoto Structural Engineers
Contractor: Taisei Corporation
Project Area: Total Floor Area: 3,060 sqm ; Site Area: 618 sqm

The Ice Cubes Tokyo The Ice Cubes Tokyo The Ice Cubes

Project Year:
Design: Jan 2006 – Aug 2006, Jan 2007 – Mar 2007 Construction: Apr 2007 – Oct 2008
Open 2008

Photographs: Naoomi Kurozumi

The Ice Cubes Tokyo images / information from Jun Mitsui&Associates Architects

Location: 1-8-10, Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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