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Taiwan Architecture Awards 2016

Taiwanese Buildings + Architects – Winner: Yuhsiu Museum of Art, designed by the AMBI Studio

8 Nov 2016

Taiwan Architecture Awards in 2016

2016 Taiwan Architecture Awards

The First Prize of 2016 Taiwan Architecture Award is given to Yuhsiu Museum of Art, designed by the AMBI Studio. The Museum stands at the foothill looking up the Ninety-Nine Peak where an artist village was meant to be constructed but ended due to devastating earthquakes in 1999. The design complies with the geological and typological conditions and find a harmonic relationship between the natural environment and man-made structures.

Taiwan Architecture Awards 2016

Once entering the place, visitors experience the musical rhythms of the changing sunlight through the walls of the corridor. The long and extending structures unfold like a scroll painting opening up. Multi-layered spaces and double walls create circulating and comforting air responding to our breathing, in and out. Seemingly irregular glass panels covering the box of the major spaces of galleries have successfully lightened the concrete-slab walled volume by reflecting natural light. It doesn’t mind to fade into the sky or the background.

Taiwan Architecture Awards 2016

An artist dormitary and a cafe are inlaid in the lower hills, the three buildings constitute a simple but organic settlement that the interactions between man and nature constantly happen. Sounds of rustling tree leaves and bird chirping are filling the ears of visitors.

Taiwan Architecture Awards 2016

The selection committee of the 2016 Taiwan Architecture Award praises the continual effort of architect Liao Wei-Li, the founder of the AMBI Studio, to explore the experience of perception through architectural approaches and the poetic spatiality this project creates by the harmony and balance it has discovered and sustained. The design, according to the selection committee, has met the high social, technical and aesthetic standards of an excellent architecture and at the same time, modestly containing itself from shouting too loud.

Yuhsiu Museum of Art is privately owned; an institute doesn’t possess its own collection but aiming to provide as many opportunities as possible to young or rising artists.

Taiwan Architecture Awards 2016

Photos: AMBI Studio, Taiwan Architect Magazine

Taiwan Architecture Awards images / information from Taiwan Architect Magazine

Taiwan Architect Magazine
Founded in 1976 by the National Association of Architects, TAM is the oldest professional architectural journal among Chinese readership http://www.twarchitect.org.tw

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