Taichung Cultural Center Entry, Taiwan Building Development, Taiwanese Architecture Competition

Taichung Cultural Center Competition Entry, Taiwan

Taiwanese Sustainable Architecture – design by Pruthiphon Buakaew

6 Jun 2013

Taiwanese Cultural Center

Design: Pruthiphon Buakaew

Location: Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung Cultural Center Contest Entry

Taichung Cultural Centre is located in between serene Taichung Gateway Park and bustling Cultural Business District. In such subtropical environment, it constantly absorbs fluid masses i.e. People, Humidity and Heat which flow from surrounding.

Taichung Cultural Center Competition Entry Taiwan design by Pruthiphon Buakaew
image from architect

Influenced by Taichung air, a symbolic of Taichung’s dream is risen up from the ground which boldly represents the new Taichung Cultural Centre. The architectural cloud that bridges the sky and the earth, imagination and reality, knowledge and people.

Taichung City Cultural Center
image from architect

By creating voids into the project. Surfaces allow absorption and circulation of the fluid masses exchange between different chambers. A cloud alike entity bridges voids which creates inter-relation between Public Library and Fine Art Musuem and natural flows circulation from Taichung Gateway Park and Cultural Business District.

Big funnels diffuse turbulence wind and circulate heat and moist into a precondition chamber, an underground heat exchanger and dehumidifier. It is to reduce energy consumption on air conditioning system and is to reduce relative humidity.The passive preconditioned air also flows through enclosed plaza areas provides comfortable micro climate to semi-open lobby area for both Public Library and Fine Art Musuem.

Taichung City Cultural Center Taichung City Cultural Center Taichung City Cultural Center Taichung City Cultural Center
images from architect

Taichung Cultural Center Entry – Building Information

Project Title: Taichung Cultural Centre Competition
Client: Taichung City Government, Taiwan (Republic of China)
Architect: pruthiphon buakaew Co., Ltd.
Project Team: Pruthiphon Buakaew, Kunanon Junsetree, Titiwat Uboltham, Lalita Ratanapra, Kasama Yingyodyeam

Site area: 2.6 hectares
Gross Floor area: 62,720 m2
Location: Park Avenue 2, Taichung City, Taiwan. Lat: 24.17; Long: 120.58
Status: Competition Entry

Taichung Cultural Center Entry images / information from Pruthiphon Buakaew Architects

Location: Park Avenue 2, Taichung City, Taiwan

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